Angie’s Extraordinary Story: How Her Doctor Found Cancer | McFarland Clinic

My doctor is a pretty special person to me. You know we have your typical doctor-patient
relationship. I generally saw her once a year and maybe
occasionally if I got sick, but pretty healthy individual and so I’d go
in every year for annual exam. She just always made a point to keep on track,
updating my family history, knowing what was going on in my life. I had just turned 40 within the past few months,
and so I knew that it was time for a mammogram in addition to my usual exam. And at the time, Dr. Torgerson had
recommended doing a FIT test, which was something that really wasn’t
on my radar. You know you always hear mammograms at 40,
colonoscopies at 50. But she said it was just a good option, something
that I could take home, collect a sample, send in, and they could test. And recognizing that it would be another
10 years before I would have a colonoscopy, so it just didn’t hurt as kind of a
preventative step. I think it was probably within a day or two
after I dropped it off at the clinic, I got a call from Dr. Torgerson and she
said you know something’s not quite right– we’ve detected blood. I was probably in within just a matter of
a couple weeks or so to have a colonoscopy, and that’s when I…I learned I had cancer. I think the choice I made to continue my care
with McFarland really came down to the trust that I had with Dr. Torgerson. You know we had built this relationship, and
so when she referred me on to a doctor for my colonoscopy, I trusted that recommendation. And it was just kind of a series of recommendation
from there, as far as seeing a surgeon and then being referred on to an oncologist. So I had the surgery and six months of chemotherapy. I went through another round of testing, and
then this past August I had my one-year follow-up colonoscopy. The care I received was phenomenal. I’m very fortunate–we’re very fortunate
to have McFarland Clinic because there is such a great team of doctors and resources
that I have needed throughout this process. And I think that’s what we all kind of look
for in a provider. Someone we know is going to be there when
we need them, but is also convenient and can see us when we need to see them as well. I wouldn’t see any reason why you would need
to look far or travel any great distance when you have a great resource like this right
in our community. Thanks to the doctors at McFarland,
I can say I’m cancer free.

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