Angela Passanise, D.O., Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery – The Corvallis Clinic

I was a college athlete, I played college
soccer, I continue to be active today with sports and when patients come to
see me I know what they want to accomplish, and I understand what they’re
trying to get back to. I was attracted to medicine because of the process of being
able to return athletes, or any debilitated patient back to the life
they wanted to live. I really enjoy speaking with the patient and going
through all the alternatives and options available, and having them be an
integral part of the decision making process. What I love about sports
medicine is just working with athletes who just have a driven interest
to get back to the sport they want to play, or perform and I just enjoy having
a role in making that happen. So when an athlete comes to me and they’ve torn a
ligament, and they can’t play the sport they want to play, I’m
able to fix that problem and help them get back to what they love. So outside
the clinic, I am a mother of a beautiful four-year-old boy and twin girls, and my
husband and I enjoy outdoor activities running, hiking, and just really anything
that involves being outside. What I enjoy about working with a multi-specialty
group is the resources that are available to me
as a physician, this is a physician-owned group and the physicians have a say and
how the clinic is run, and what type of patient-centered care we can deliver.

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