Angela Olerich, DO | Webster City Family Medicine | McFarland Clinic

Hello, my name is Dr. Angela Olerich. I’m a board certified family medicine physician. I joined McFarland in 2017, and I work in
the Webster City clinic location. I chose Family Medicine because I enjoy the
diversity. I like seeing people from age newborn all
the way up to geriatrics and everything in between. I have a special interest in preventative
care and wellness and also chronic illnesses like adult internal medicine. When you come in for a physical, we like to
go over medical history, medications, and a lot of times just lifestyle changes and
whatever you want to discuss for goals for futures. The thing that I find most rewarding about
Family Medicine is getting to know families across generations–seeing baby, mom, dad,
grandpa, and grandma– and getting to build that relationship over time. Another thing I find very rewarding is seeing
patients really understand what’s going with their health and with their body. A lot of times, that’s through our communication
with patient education. People can come back and, through lifestyle
changes, for example have lowered their blood pressure or cholesterol, and we can get
off that medicine and still feel healthy and be doing the right thing. Extraordinary Care to me means that when you
come and see us as providers, whether it’s something very minor or something pretty big
in your eyes, that when you leave our office, you feel like you have a good understanding
of what we discussed, what we think is going on, what the plan is going forward. Most of all we want you feeling comfortable,
that you can contact us with questions, and that you feel that you are very involved in
your care.

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