Angel Lift Spa – Dr Rita Rakus Clinic

we’re right opposite Harrods in
Knightsbridge and we have a non-surgical cosmetic
medical practice my names Dr Riita Rakus ive been here at the practice
for about twenty years and since then we’ve become quite well
known in a lot of our areas is we do try to stay at the cutting edge
treatments and that’s why we’ve embraced are prp now with mr golchin because it is the future prp stands for platelet rich
plasma platelets have a lot of growth factors
and proteins that help in terms of healing and regeneration take blood from a
patient and concentrated platelets then the
product is injected into the skin PRP has become so popular because its natural its organic and its safe using bodies own cells so there’s no
chance of a reaction that’s quite important because there’s a
lot of concern about using products that may not be natural It may have long-term consequences for
the patients because it is their cosmopolitan here in Knightsbridge we
get a lot of people from all around the world the Middle
East people from Los Angeles we have people from every walk of life
because we’re well-known for our subtle treatments
patients that come to us want non-surgical procedures
traditionally we’ve been using fax lazor to help with sun damage and we use various other treatments the angel lift takes you a step further because
it does things that traditional skin rejuvenation
treatment can’t do so here in Knightsbridge we use PRP both as a stand-alone procedure but also in
combination with lots of different treatments that we
have available angel lift comprises of three
treatments combined angle PRP we use fat graft thats body’s own natural filler for
the stem cells and I use a fractionated co2 laser which gets rid of pigmentation fine lines and titans all at the same time the angel lift is a cutting-edge new
treatment that should be offered in and non surgical practice of you can have skin that’s about 10 years
younger combination and three mentalities has really been quite revolutionary in the
result its been very successful so far
and we really look forward to offering it to a wide variety of patients from all
over the world

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