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  1. Thanks for watching guys and gals! Let me know what you'd like me to react to NEXT right here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  2. I woke up during a surgery. It was a surgery where they put a camera down my throat and look at my stomach. I started pulling everything out of my mouth freaking out. The doctor was yelling and swearing. I was all the way awake.

  3. Yes the doctor's didn't even discuss it. I tried to when I woke up and they had me so drugged up they talked over me to my parents. I was maybe 20 at the time but they never even talked to me about it nor admitted it.

  4. I've never woken up during surgery but I fight Anastesia every time, I'd like to know if that's a normal thing or not it always feels like I'm about to die going under.

  5. These videos are so fascinating, I’ve only been put under for surgery once when I was eleven and I remember being able to hear the anaesthesiologist counting down from 10 right down to 4 before going out, I also came out of it much faster than I was supposed to (or so they told my mum) and was completely loopy, it’s always fascinated me!

  6. "I think that means Derek Shepard and Meredith Grey are still together after 6 seasons so that's good"
    aw, who's gonna tell her?

  7. Loved the video! I've had that experience as a patient myself, so did my boyfriend, but we didn't remember as much as she did, let alone be traumatized or even mad at the doctors! I remember hearing the doctors discussing and seeing a blur, probably couldn't open my eyes too wide because it was probably taped. They said I was trying to talk, also. But that was it! I always tell the anesthesiologist I've had that experience and it has never happened again in other surgeries. 😊

  8. I never realized how much anesthesioilogest did until I started my job terminal cleaning ors ( I am a housekeeper) and a emergent case came it.

  9. Been operated 3 major operation ;the moment I entered the Anesthesiologist room I was greeted with a beautiful smile normally 3 of them, that's all l can remember; then wake up at recovery room.

  10. I woke up during surgery, looked right at the doctors, looked right at the nurses, they looked right at me, the doctor didn’t even notice, it was the nurse who told the doctors that I was awake.

  11. My mom needs special precautions for any kind of general anesthesia because she once “woke up” during a c section while having me. Like sensation, pain ..comprehension…couldn’t move but knew everything that was going on! Doctors didn’t believe her at all until she could repeat back exactly word for word what the doctor was saying during surgery which weren’t very kind calming words either to begin with because it was already a very very emergent c lol but geez that was over 30 years ago— her most recent surgery on her neck fusion they took precautions for that and she didn’t know a thing. She tells them every time about that waking up experience though and I can’t really blame her that must’ve been quite traumatic.

  12. THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH! I've had 8 brain surgeries in recent years and I always hear before I can see when I'm waking up. I can be listening to people very clearly for awhile before I can see them. Now I know why!

  13. The first time I was put under, the doctor told me they were going to put me under real slow and I said, "If this is slow, what does fast feel like?" The next thing I knew I was waking up lol. According to my doctors I'm very verbally responsive right up until I'm under then I'm out like a light.

  14. I only had one surgery in my life. At the beginning of the 90s when I was in nursery school. Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Went fine from a medical point of view. I can only remember wearing a gown and no panties and a mask on my face before I went unconscious. It was a long time ago. I am 33 now.
    I was calm before the operation. I was crying and hysterical after instead and I vomited, which is a normal side effect of anesthesia.
    Last time I had anaesthesia was at the dentist for a normal extraction. I could still feel my mouth after the injection, which was the most painful part. Took a while to numb me but then all was fine. I could just feel pressure.
    I am a bit anxious now after watching videos about anesthesia awareness but I am sure I'd be alright if I had to have surgery etc.

  15. My mum had major skin cancer surgery. She woke up during the operation, when they were carving out 10cm wide of skin, 5cm deep. So yeah, nobody realized anything for 20min. She had various operations and said many times that this was just the worst.

  16. I broke my nose really badly in elementary school and obviously had to go to the doctor to get it fixed, but they didn't give me enough local anesthetic or whatever the correct name is. So when they went to fix my nose it hurt sooo badly. Like it hurt worse than when I actually broke my nose, and I still remember how badly it hurt like 15 years later. The doctor and nurses kept telling me it didn't hurt, when i was sitting there screaming at them in pain telling them it did hurt. So they had to call my dad into the room and my dad kept telling me it didn't actually hurt and I was just scared and to stop making it up, but I kept screaming at everyone that it hurt really badly and I wasn't lying. Then the anesthesiologist came back in. Idk where he went, I guess to run tests or something though because when he came back he told my dad and the other doctor and nurses that he had given me the wrong amounts and that I was actually feeling pain. So I just sat there being mad at everyone for them telling me I was lying. He gave me the right amount or whatever though because then i only felt the pressure and not any actual pain. My dad literally took me back to the hospital a few weeks later to tell he doctor thank you for fixing my nose, even after everyone was calling me a liar.

  17. I’m one of those people that hypermetabolize many medications. I woke up during gallbladder surgery. During a kidney biopsy I was completely awake the entire time and instead of giving me more medications, they physically restrained me. I need surgery but refuse to go in. To the point I don’t really see doctors anymore, if the recommendation is surgery I’m holding off till I have no choice. I’ve had gene testing and have told them this but they still refuse because I’m a woman so “it should be sufficient”.

  18. Are there any patient groups who are more likely to experience anaesthesia awareness? Is it more likely to occur in underweight or overweight patients, or in those who have experienced it in the past?

  19. I have come round from ga during a central line placement but had had the limit of propofol (I think that’s the reason) so was left awake for type last 5 mins. Bother the surgeon and myself spent that time crying, me very openly but trying to not distract him and him apologising the entire time x

  20. i woke up during an upper endoscopy once for a few seconds. my eyes peeped open the tiniest bit, heard someone calmly say ‘hey honey, u wake up? it’s o- i closed my eyes bc i was like nopeeeee and i was back out almost instantly

  21. More more more love these film MORE. You know you are helping us lay people to better understand medicine and taking away fears👏🏾👍🏾👏🏾👍🏾👏🏾👍🏾🙌🏿 more more more.
    And I m not EVEN SICK but this stuff is just good to know👍🏾
    And where did you get your lashes done? And girl give details like length full set and design like butterfly, 747 ect…….
    I m there, and if you could , a makeup tutorial on your eyes would be great 👍🏾

  22. At 19:43 loading doses aren’t calculated using clearance. Only maintenance doses are clearance dependent. Some ultra rapid metabolizers are at real risk of toxicity because unless you do genotyping you can’t know until you’ve given the drug. This is especially dangerous for warfarin and pediatric codeine. But it’s also not quite accurate that all of the drugs she would be given would be metabolized by the same CYP enzyme. Propofol itself is metabolized by several different CYP enzymes and a few UGTs as well. Just a quick note from a future pharmacist.

  23. Could someone answer an anesthesia question please? My husband had a tooth pulled and it took 6 shots to numb him up. He kept saying "I can still feel that" and finally the dentist asked him if he was born with red hair (his hair and beard are brown/grey now). Redheads can need up to 20% more anesthesia. If he ever needs surgery, it might not be obvious that he's a redhead just from his hair and beard so should I say something at admitting? I can't think about him waking up because they didn't know.

  24. Waking up is one of my biggest fears. But knowing there’s warning signs like you said helped ease my concerns a bit.

  25. My last colonoscopy I knew everything. It was so weird since I was used to being very heavily sedated, I remember being in a lot of pain, which really sucked.

  26. You are definitely someone I would trust to put me to sleep. As someone who has had almost 50 GA's, I have never had a bad experience or woken up during an operation (touch wood!!) but some of my anaesthesiologists I didn't really trust fully. You give off such an amazing energy and you have such a natural way of explaining everything. Which is super important especially for those who have had bad experiences or have never been under. Amazing video and channel!!!! <3

  27. The rollers-skate-shoes are called HEELYS…. They were very popular amongst kids like 10 years ago. Walmart in my city and local school district banned them from being used…too many falls. They're pretty dangerous, my kid can tell you all about how bad the falls were.

  28. I took extra to go under during my tonsillectomy, I need extra novocaine at the dentist or I can feel everything, I could feel through my epidural when I was giving birth even though they put it in before my water even broke (I was induced and this was day 4), on top of that morphine has virtually no effect on me. I have no idea why I'm like this.

  29. During my first colonoscopy I was aware. Now that you mention it, first I started hearing things. Then I was able to feel it but I was never aware enough to do anything besides cry. I couldn’t talk or move. And I wasn’t even that under because it was a simple colonoscopy. I can’t imagine waking up fully during a true surgery. Waking up in that was awful enough. I definitely know why they sedate you for it. It’s uncomfortable.

  30. I remember waking up mid wisdom teeth removal and seeing the surgeon pulling something out of my mouth and just blood everywhere maybe I went back under from the anesthesia and seeing that bc GURL. TEETH ARE NASTY.

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