Andrew Rice, M.D., Ph.D., Neurology – The Corvallis Clinic

Well I was diagnosed with type 1
diabetes at age 10 and so being exposed to the medical field at that young age
made me realize that’s what I wanted to do. I loved the problem-solving and
intricacies of medicine and so I chose that as my career. Prior to going to
medical school, I got a PhD in molecular genetics. And so doing that, you know, it’s
problem-solving on a daily basis, it’s looking at different aspects, you know,
you’re given a problem and how many different ways you have to look at it,
you have to solve it, and that’s what my patients can expect for me is that I’m
thorough in that regard. They may just have a subtle finding and I’m going to
look at every angle it possibly could be. In some aspects it may not even be
neurology, they may have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for years and
then I look at it in a new light I say, is this really multiple sclerosis? You
haven’t had any problems in 15-20 years, and yet you’re on medication and no one’s
ever addressed it that it may not be it. Often times they find that rewarding,
because they see “oh wow you’re seeing me in a new light”
it’s a symbiotic relationship, you have to work with the patient and the patient
has to work with you, what I like to do is, you know, examine the patient get
their history and explain to them my findings and my feelings on how to
approach it. Usually try to give different treatment options and then work with the
patient on what may work best for them. You know, they tell you in
medical school, you know, treat the patient as if it’s your family member,
and so I like to do that. I could talk to them and see what’s working for
them, and what may not be working for them. I enjoy mostly spending time with
my family, I have a seven-year-old daughter, and she’s an only child, and I
know that someday she’s gonna not want to be around daddy so much, and then grow up,
and so I try to spend as much time as I can with her. My wife and I love to cook,
have a nice big kitchen, be able to have people over.
Actually just this last weekend, we had my my dad over, and my in-laws over, and spent the
whole weekend just cooking and socializing. What I’m looking forward
to with The Corvallis clinic is the collegial atmosphere, seems like
everybody works together, you have you know internists, and neurologists, and
dermatologists, all within one area, and I find that very appealing. And I think you need to
have that environment to work together, to be able to work with your colleagues.

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