Andrea’s Million Hearts™ Story

My name is Andrea, and I’m 42. The day of my heart attack
I was on my way to work. I woke up in the morning
feeling nauseated and tired. I had heartburn; I thought
it was all my morning sickness from being pregnant. As my day progressed my symptoms
got worse, my jaw tightened, my left arm went limp, I had
extreme burning in my chest. By the time I had gotten to the
urgent care center it had been six and half hours from the
onset of the symptoms and I was, at that point,
so critical I had to be air lifted to
a local hospital. They were counting
my life in minutes. I got to the hospital, they
had to do emergency surgery. They placed a stent in my
artery that was blocked. I spent 10 days in the coronary
care intensive care unit and during that time I
lost the baby as well. I did not realize that I had
all the classic signs, simply because I honestly had never
taken the time to learn what those signs were or to learn
about women and the risks for heart disease. My words of wisdom for anyone
would be to educate yourself about your risk for heart
attacks and heart disease. Spending time with my family. Enjoying my friends,
playing with my dogs. Me.

2 thoughts on “Andrea’s Million Hearts™ Story

  1. Watching this video really made me realize how important it is for people to know the warning signs for a heart attack and to stay healthy. Listening to her story opened my eyes to how serious a heart attack can be.

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