Andrea Avery, PA-C – Family Medicine in Iowa Falls, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hello, my name is Andrea Avery. I’m a board-certified physician assistant. I started with McFarland Clinic in 2018. My specialty is family practice. I chose family practice just because of the
idea of taking a journey with my patient. Experiencing their highs and their lows allows
for a level of trust, and with that trust you can have a great relationship with your
patient and work well together. My job is to take every opportunity I can
to educate and encourage my patients to live a healthier lifestyle and to help them set
goals so they can achieve those goals, and not only do I take every opportunity, but
I can help create a lot of opportunities for my patients to live a healthier life. Patients can expect patient-centered care
whether they’re the first patient of the day or the last patient of the day. We will make decisions together and use shared
decision making so we can work as a team. So the most rewarding part of what I do is
the relationships I will gain with my patients, and I know that every person that I meet I can
learn something from them. Hopefully these people that I meet, I will be
able to care for their children and maybe even someday their children’s children. Extraordinary Care means treating everyone
like they’re family. If that is treating someone their mother,
grandmother, grandfather, grandchildren are in the room watching their every move, and
if you follow that policy I think you will have some very satisfied patients. When I’m not working, I love to be outside. Whether that’s kayaking, going out for bike
rides, hanging out with the family, going to the park, just being outside is the best.

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