An Overview of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation at UHN Toronto Rehab Lyndhurst Centre

Hello and welcome to UHN Toronto Rehab Lyndhurst Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation centre My name is Brian I had a spinal cord injury 26 years ago as a result of a diving accident I will be your host as we take you on an
orientation tour of Lyndhurst Lyndhurst is a world renowned rehabilitation
facility dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injury be as independent as possible
when they return to the community. We are located at 520 Sutherland Drive, north east of Bayview and Eglinton. We know how important family and friends are to your recovery. We encourage family and friends to visit you to socialize and learn how best to support you. Visitor parking
is available onsite for a small fee. Visitors have the option of buying a monthly pass if
they will be visiting more often. Ask the on-site parking attendant for information
on parking pass options. We know that your dogs and cats are important. Your pets are
welcome to visit. Please speak to your recreation therapist before bringing any pets onsite.
They will assist you in completing the paperwork required. The hospital Café in the main lobby
sells hot and cold food and drink. The café is open limited hours in the morning, lunch
and mid-afternoon. When the weather is nice you and your family and friends can eat and
socialize in the beautiful gardens and green space on the hospital grounds. The dining
room is one of the many spaces at Lyndhurst Rehab Centre that offers a unique experience
to its patients. We encourage you to eat your meals in the dining room. This is different
than what you might experience in acute care. Meals can also be served in your room. At
Lyndhurst you will be encouraged to actively participate in all parts of your daily routine.
The team will help you become as independent as possible. In order to get started in your
rehab program, you need to be prepared to participate right away. Please bring comfortable
clothing to wear such as track pants, t-shirts or sweatshirts. Also bring a pair of comfortable
shoes that are 1-2 sizes larger to allow for your swollen feet.There are laundry facilities
on site for you or your family to wash your clothes. You might want to bring your own
detergent. You will need to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. You might want to bring an electric razor, watch and alarm clock, headphones and earplugs. Also, bring any personal essentials that you might need for your day to day activities. There are laundry facilities on site for you and your family to wash your clothes. You might want to bring your own detergent We know that patients and their families have
many questions about transitioning to the community and how long they will stay at Lyndhurst. Your discharge date will be determined after you arrive at Lyndhurst and our specialized clinical team does a full assessment of your injury, function and ability. You will receive
a letter with an estimated discharge date about two weeks after your admission. This
will help you plan for this transition. There are many educational resources available for you and your family at Lyndhurst. The Spinal Cord Connections Resource Centre located in the main lobby is staffed by Spinal Cord Injury Ontario staff and volunteers, many of whom
have a spinal cord injury. In the centre you will find many helpful resources, books and
movies on a wide range of topics including home renovations, sexual health, equipment and living well with a spinal cord injury. Each patient receives a binder when they arrive with information
handouts on Lyndhurst and spinal cord injury You and your team can add handouts based on your needs and interests. These are also online for your review in English and other languages. Remember when you get to Lyndhurst you’re going to be meeting a lot of people on your first day so don’t be overwhelmed You’re going to need to bring items that’ll get you through your daily routine and and also remember that the team is there to work with you and we encourage you to do so right from the beginning as being the team leader yourself And finally your length of stay will be told to you after your team has completed their assesments

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