An Introduction to The Tinnitus Clinic

Tinnitus is a very distressing condition for
many people. They perceive sounds in their head and these sounds can be whistling, buzzing,
hissing or even a combination of all of those. These sounds cause people to be very anxious
and depressed. They don’t know what’s happened, why is it happening to them. Tinnitus is always as a cause of hearing loss,
so within the auditory cortex there’s been some damage. What The Tinnitus Clinic can
do is to actually speak to people and talk about the cause of their tinnitus and once
you know what the cause of your condition is you immediately become slightly less anxious. We’ve seen patients who couldn’t sleep
they were so anxious and depressed. Now that causes them perhaps to be unable to hold down
a job or have a good relationship and all of those changes to their life just make it
more difficult again so they get into a cycle of depression and anxiety. What The Tinnitus Clinic does is break that
cycle. We explain what the cause of tinnitus is, we talk to the patient about their lifestyle
and we find exactly the right treatment for them as a person. We can’t promise a tinnitus free future
for everyone but with proper, personalised treatment packages, provided by expert clinicians,
what we can do is help an individual improve their quality of life, reduce their anxiety
and through that make the tinnitus not the central part of their life. The Tinnitus Clinic has seen many patients,
who’ve been to see their general practitioner for example, and sadly, but understandably,
have been told that nothing could be done to help them. We have the newest treatments,
for example Acoustic Neuromodulation is achieving spectacular results for patients. The important thing is that we can make a
difference, people do have a future and with The Tinnitus Clinic we can find the right
treatment for them.

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