An INCREDIBLE Borneo experience… | Sepilok Orangutans | Travel Vlog, tips and tricks | S02-E02

Welcome back so today is the day we’ve
been waiting for we’re going to see orangutan and then as well and then this
afternoon we’re gonna head out on a river cruise to go see if we can find
them in the wild We were just saying how tiny it makes you feel when you’re stood in and amongst these huge trees We’ve just come from the orangutan
and bear centre well at the water village before getting our boat to the rainforest. When we’ve got a bit more
time we’ll explain a little bit about what we got up to when we were there so it’s been a couple hours since we last spoke we had a bit of lunch in between and also arrived at our resort this place is amazing it’s like so nice, there’s a swimming pool and everything Since yesterday we didn’t get a chance to film this we arrived in four and then we were
going out on a river cruise excursion at 4:30 so we didn’t actually have a chance
to film it so we thought we’d do it now we wanted to basically fill you in on
the orangutan center the work they do there is absolutely incredible. We didn’t really know what to expect from the centre since we didn’t do much research, we wanted it to be a surprise mostly as your walking in its so open it is literally the rain forest except its protected so that orangutangs don’t get hurt by any poachers At the center, they have a nursery and also a feeding platform for both world semi-long orangutan the idea of the feeding platform is that the workers can put the food there Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any when we were there however that’s actually a really good thing That’s actually a really good thing it means the Orangutangs are out in the wild looking for fruit themselves It means the program they’ve got in place is actually
working. Meaning the orangutangs come and go as they please when they’re
comfortable to go and get food from self to the candy so the only place we’ve got
to Sealy orangutangs is actually in the nursery where all the debate ends there
re young unfortunate their mothers have been taken away from the really young
age dude approaches this and they’ve gotten places in one way glass sits in
interaction they’ve had so far with humans hasn’t been great but poachers
and things like that the idea being that they can’t see us but we can see that so
it just gives the baby orangutangs time to be reintroduced to humans so there’s
only a handful of people that can actually go in and obviously feed the
babies and the bastard everything that the mother orangutan
wouldn’t know so after the orangutangs we went over to
some birth center so it’s the same with the orangutan once they’re rehabilitated
that they’re released back into the world actually if you’re going tomorrow
one of the things you will be doing what are you going to be thanks it’s not go
why should that you can adopt orangutan as well we’ll have links below and other
details on the website that you can do that even from your home country
yesterday like we said we went on a cruise in the afternoon and here’s what
we got moving told me to weather
sarong for dinner it’s very fashionable but he didn’t really spend think you
guys like this and then you fold it like so cool so you’ve got a snazzy sarongs
on although I didn’t want the ones of flowers on it so I switch with Chloe so
now I’ve got checkers so we’re gonna have a dinner now and we will see you
tomorrow we’ve now got our Mary our Jesus every
time we say outside I’m sitting like the traction in the box so get into

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