100 thoughts on “Amy Pond vs Cyberman | The Pandorica Opens | Doctor Who

  1. I've always thought this was dumb. Sacrificing a monsters chemistry for a quick scare. If a cyber man can operate without the human part then what's the point of even having a human part. It's ment to be the brain and the nervous system. Not a skull. Remember the cyber controller, you could see his brain. This is so stupid, typical Moffat.

  2. there's no way Rory with a gladius could puncture at-least 2 layers of solid metal, all the contents within, as-well as the frickin door

  3. If the Cyberman is 100% functional without a head then what does it need Amy's head for? It clearly wasn't using the brain, it was just a head inside the helmet that wasn't connected to anything.

  4. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. Oh wrong program sorry

  5. Wow, just think that that moronic Cyberman could have shot her first and THEN gotten on her head…. Strangely bad writing

  6. 1:14 "yeah you and who's body"

    Robot body appears

    Me: why did you have to say that their always gonna have a body nearby

  7. One has to wonder why cybermen would even need humans at this point. Especialy the ones first seen in nightmare in silver.

  8. "You will be assimilated". Very Borg right there. We are the Borg, you will be assimilated. Nice cross over for Star Trek/Doctor Who fans.

  9. Imagine if Amy hadn't smacked the head against the wall. The cyber head would have had Amy's head in it. Amy would become a cyberman

  10. Why could that cybermen talk and move if the human head inside of it clearly decayed?
    That makes no sense, the cybermen are cyborgs, not robots! What they do is they kill the left brain so humans don’t have emotions or imagination, just actions that run on logic and following orders, in no way should a cybermen be functioning without the required inhibited brain still thriving inside

  11. The doctor who creator is stupid idiot and dumb swords cannot even kill robots lol this series must be edited because the sword needs to be like a laser

  12. How was the Cyberman able to talk and do things without a Human brain? Aren't Cybermen suppose to be Humanoid brains/skulls with a robot body /and humanoid organs and bones sometimes/?

  13. pretty weak for a auper advanced machine… it has a dart but not a gun? and even broken it should be able to run much faster than a human

  14. I like how swords cant even propertly penetrate human armor, but it sliced through some assumably multiple layers of super durable, alien metal +a door

  15. I wonder who the previous occupant of the Cyberman head was? Was the person who the Cyberman once was a man or woman?

  16. Cybermen and daleks shouldn't be a match for the Doctor,right? I meant, seriously, he has a magical screwdriver and they are electronics.

  17. I would love to see a full story filled with this kind of stuff.

    I would imagine the story being like: The Cybermen have been failing to upgrade people for a long time. Over time, their bodies fall apart and their body parts get separated. Not only that, but the living tissues inside them begin to die, and they get so desperate to upgrade people that they shed/expel their dead flesh and assimilate living bodies to "refill" their Cybersuits.

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