Amputation Rehabilitation at MossRehab

I always tell people that rehabilitation
is all about a series of steps, and in order to take those steps in the correct
sequence in the correct way you need some guidance. That’s what we’re here for.
Fortunately at MossRehab we have a very experienced team – one that works at
rehabilitation of individuals with amputation on a consistent basis. So our
team of therapists and our team of prosthetists – people who make limbs for
our patients who have lost a leg or an arm and our physicians – are constantly
working with the same population and so they are truly specialists. We’ve done a
number of contributions to science from the point of view of research in areas
of amputation rehabilitation. A little-known fact is that the first
lightweight prosthetic device made out of polypropylene, a type of plastic, was
actually done at MossRehab in the 1970s. We’ve also contributed ways on understanding
how persons with limb amputation walk when they use a prosthesis. We’ve
used the technologies available in this MossRehab gait laboratory to do
precisely that – to assess the walking pattern and then look at how we can
address the demands of the person with limb amputation and change the way they
walk to a more normal pattern. A place like MossRehab really has that
expertise, lots of experience, lots of patients. We treat more persons with limb
amputation than anybody else in this geographic region, but more
important than that, we do that in a consistent manner with high regard for
the patient and the outcomes that we obtain. That team, that staff, I feel
strongly that they have a dedication, a devotion to what they do that it’s quite
unique. They have an incredible commitment. A commitment that they’re going to get this patient to be better. We came up
with a phrase “challenge accepted” as really a guiding principle to what we do
so each patient is a challenge, and we accept that challenge.

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