American Family Children’s Hospital Careers: Operating Room Nursing

>>I love that I get to work
with a unique patient population. And I get to work with patients that are all — of all ages from newborn up to adults since we do all congenital heart
defects over here at Children’s. I like that I get to work with
the patients and their families to create the best care possible for them. We work in a state of the art facility. We — since we only have one cardiac
surgeon, that’s one person’s preferences, we get to meet the families before — we get to learn the anatomy and
physiology of it as we go, which is great. I think the team aspect and the
cohesiveness is also reassuring. We’re kind of like a family. If you’re looking for a family
atmosphere where you’re a part of a team and each person is crucial as part of that
team, this would be a great place to work. Everyone gets along. We have each other’s backs. Dr. A is great. He’s approachable. He’s very transparent. You can always go to him with
questions, which is great. It’s really a unique working
environment that I — that I love.

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