– [Announcer] El Salvador, ready? – Welcome, to Doctor
Mike’s El Salvador trip. Hey. (upbeat music plays) (laughing) – [Dr. Oz.] You believe docs
need to lead by example, but actually exercise with their patients, to sort of prime the pump. – Exactly, so what we did was, we did a study in my hospital called Exercise with your physician. Where we try to see if it would motivate patients to start an exercise
regimen with their doctors. And what we actually found was, they become more motivated,
they start exercising more on their own, even after
the study has concluded. Hey guys, what’s up? Doctor Mike here, when I talked about this study on Doctor Oz,
people got excited about it. Americares heard about my idea of this practice where you prescribe program and they said “look we have 1000 “clinics all across the United States, “why don’t we see if in a
country like El Salvador, “you can pilot this program,
do a feasibility trial” and I was blessed with that opportunity from Americares to be able to do that. On my first day arriving in El Salvador, I noticed that the people
were incredibly welcoming. And it surprised me because I didn’t know how I would be welcomed. They took me to the hotel were
I was staying in San Miguel. After we dropped off our
things we said, okay let’s go to the Americares clinic in Usulutan, which is far on the coast. I couldn’t believe my eyes what I saw when I got there. The entire staff of the Americares clinic. Nurses, doctors, receptionists,
they all wore white coats. Very buttoned up, were
all standing in line, to welcome me to their
clinic, and to their country. Every since I stepped foot in El Salvador and in your clinic here today, I felt welcomed like
I’ve never been welcomed in my life before. The country obviously deals with a lot of poverty because of
gang issues, corruption, but also because of
it’s turbulent history. In the 1980’s they had
a very bad civil war that cost thousands of lives. They had devastating
earthquakes months apart. Actually one month apart, that left thousands of people homeless. A lot of the people that lived there, they’re in poverty. They don’t have well
stabilized structures. They live in houses that
they built themselves. An average salary is something like $300 a month in El Salvador. So, people really know
how to stretch dollar. (cheerful music plays) When we started this exercise program, patients had their reservations, some of the doctors had reservations. Some of the patients were suffering with knee pain, arthritis. They said, “how can we
do these exercises?” I remember there was a
child with down syndrome, and the mother was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to
follow the directions. The beauty of this program is, we have doctors present at all times. So the doctors were able to be there, establish a good relationship
with these patients, guide them so they’re
not hurting themselves. So they’re performing the
exercises in the right way. Everybody got excited. The patients were excited,
the doctors were excited. At the end of the classes,
we were taking group selfies. I could see smiles on peoples faces. I could see them saying,
I can bring this back to my community, my village. And we can do this weekly. We don’t need fancy weights or machines. All we need is to dedicate 30 minutes, four times a week, and we can change the course of our lives. Everybody on three has to scream, I am an athlete. Uno, dos, tres. – [Class] Soy un atleta. (cheerful music plays) What I was able to bring
to the Americares clinic in El Salvador, was evidence based care. In America, whenever a doctor tell you “hey you have this ailment,
this is the treatment for it” that’s based on a recommendation. And the strongest level of
recommendation comes from, Meta-Analysis. Which is a grouping of
best, high quality studies. These doctors in El Salvador, were fascinated by the idea that, you can open your phone, and look up medication, dosages, what was proven to work better than others. It really serves as a way
to improve the quality of medicine they deliver every single day. (speaks in foreign language) Those doctors are
incredibly passionate about what they do everyday. They get to know their patients
on an individual level. And from there, they create a plan. And really that’s the smart way to do it. All this evidence based approach that I’ve talked about is great. But that’s population medicine. That’s a great foundation
for your knowledge. But then how to apply it to the individual sitting in front of you, is really the way to practice medicine. So watching these
experienced clinicians work, I’ll be it with the help of a translator, because my Spanish isn’t that great. (speaks in foreign language) Was truly a unique and
rewarding experience. So no big deal, we’re just in the middle of a huge volcano. (upbeat music plays) Obviously I spent the majority of my time in the Americares clinic, but I also tried to spend as much time as I could outside of the clinic. Visiting the local communities. Visiting the beautiful
scenery that El Salvador has to offer. And what I found was, this country is a hidden treasure. (cheerful music plays) I’m not just protecting this goal, I’m protecting your health. All in all, this was
such an incredible trip. To all the beautiful
people of El Salvador, and all the tremendous staff in the Americares organization, I owe you a huge thank you. Oh my God. Doesn’t this hurt your head? They put up my name written
in beans, yes beans. – [Driver] Now make me look sexy. – [Mike] That’s easy (laughing)
– [Driver] That’s easy. – You got me on camera? – [Cameraman] Oh yeah. – Watch me roll. (laughing) – Apparently Mike likes these cookies. – [Mike] Yes! Hey guys, thanks for watching. If you haven’t already, hit that subscribe button now to get new videos every week.


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