Amanda Morehouse, MD Breast Surgeon at TriStar Summit Medical Center

♪ [music] ♪ My name is Amanda Morehouse and I’m a
breast surgeon for TriStar Medical Group at TriStar Summit Medical Center.
I decided to become a breast surgeon because as a surgeon most of us really
want to have the opportunity to fix something for somebody.
But breast surgery also gives me a way to develop a lifelong relationship with a
patient. The patients I take care of are anybody with a breast problem,
such as breast cancer. In additional to people who have been
diagnosed with breast cancer, I also see patients who are afraid
they may have breast cancer, such as they felt a lump or noticed
a change in their breasts. I also see male patients, male
patients also develop breast cancer, they also have breast problems.
Breastfeeding patients are another large patient population. They will come in with
problems with lactation or surrounding breastfeeding and sometimes an infection
or an abscess. As a female I think that I am able to provide a perspective that one
may or may not get from a male surgeon, for example, a female may be more likely
to consider the placement of an incision where it would hide under a bathing suit
strap. For me, breast care is the ultimate team sport. It takes a large number of
people to get you through this most difficult time. I want patients to walk
out of here feeling more positive than when they came in.
They’re equipped with the information and tools to make whatever decisions are right
for them. I am so grateful and privileged to join the TriStar Summit team and I’m
excited to increase the opportunities for patients to receive
their care at Summit. ♪ [music] ♪

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