Alyssa O’Brien, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

– My name’s Alissa O’Brien
and I’m a dietician here at the Oregon Clinic. Health wasn’t always something
that was on my radar, I didn’t know I wanted to be a dietician until later in college,
so I started out… I really was interested in
food, and loved to cook, so I grew up just loving to cook, I would watch all the cooking shows, Great Chefs of America after school, and I thought I wanted to be a chef, and so I went to school
starting out thinking I was gonna do something with
food, either be a chef or in the culinary world, but
then I traveled to Australia for a study abroad, and took
some natural health classes, and there I was introduced to nutrition and really changed my perspective
on the whole food thing, and I thought I really
love to help people, and that’s more what I
wanna do is talk about food in the way that it can help people and help people heal and feel good. With food, when we’re
talking about diet changes, a lot of that has to do with how is that gonna become
a reality going home, how are you going to implement this, and how is that gonna
work in your lifestyle, so that’s a really important
piece that I like to talk about and address is the whole lifestyle aspect, and the lifestyle changes
that come into play when we’re talking about diet changes. Being a dietician is a very rewarding job, and there’s nothing better
than a patient coming back to me and saying that,
“I feel so much better,” or they just thank me for showing them a few diet modifications, or helping them to feel better, and that’s what’s so rewarding
and it’s so motivating to continue doing what I’m doing is the reward of someone coming
back in for a follow up and saying they feel so much better and their life is changed. When I’m not at work I
really enjoy hiking, running, my husband and I go rock
climbing quite a bit and that’s something that I really enjoy, and we have a huge friend
base that goes hiking and climbing just about
every weekend in the summer. So I like to get outside and do a lot of activities in this
beautiful Oregon terrain. It’s a lot more mountainous than Minnesota so I really try to take advantage of that and head to the mountains
or head to the coast and spend some time outside.

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