Alyson Vosberg, ARNP – Family Medicine in Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, I’m Alyson Vosberg. I’m a board-certified
family nurse practitioner. I joined McFarland Clinic in 2019, and I practice at the North
Ames Family Medicine clinic. So I chose Family Medicine because I really liked the idea of
being able to take care of people during all stages and seasons of life with them and really
grow with them, and the flexibility and variability of my schedule. I can go one moment of seeing
a newborn to the next seeing an older adult back to seeing an adolescent. You kind of
just get to see a wide range of people every single day, so it keeps the passion there
each and every day. So the services that I provide can range from anywhere from a well-child
visit to a well-adult visit in to your geriatric Medicare visits and everything in between.
So if you have an acute illness, injury, anything that you need me to look at, we definitely
will be able to take care of that. So between your preventative care, your chronic care,
and your acute care needs, that’s what we can provide. A first visit with me is going to
first start with us just sitting down and having a talk with each other. We’re going
to have a conversation so I can really get to know you as a person. It’s really important
for me to be able to understand you–you, meaning your hobbies, your likes, your dislikes,
what are your goals in your health and in your life, because then I’m able to really
tailor my care to you, and if I don’t know that about you, then we’re not going to really
get anywhere with your care. And then from there, we’re going to talk about your healthcare
needs. I’ll do a physical exam, a thorough physical exam, and focus on any issues you really may
have. Then we’ll come back, sit down, talk about treatment options, order any labs, tests,
x-rays that we may need to be able to keep your health in optimum shape. For me what
is the most rewarding part of my job is working really closely with my patients to achieve
their healthcare goals. It’s really fun and exciting for me to be in the office when somebody
finally hits their goal, whatever it may be, and know that we worked so hard together and
watch them take such ownership and pride in what they’ve been able to achieve. And also
for me it just feels really great to be able to come back to the community that poured
so much into me. I’m an Ames native, so I grew up here, and this is kind of an exciting
way and I think going to be really rewarding for me to give back to the community that
did so much for me and made me who I am and the provider that I am today. So Extraordinary
Care, Every Day to me really means taking the time to sit and listen and hear what my
patient has to say, and really understanding who they are, and treating them with the dignity
and respect that they deserve and for the person that they truly are, and tailoring their
care to their needs.

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