Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Rehabilitation Center 360 Tour

[ANNOUNCER] Welcome to the Alta
Bates Summit Regional Acute Rehabilitation Center
on the Summit Campus in Oakland, California. This state-of-the
art 58 bed facility is accredited by the
Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities to
provide comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation. Our stroke, brain injury,
spinal cord injury, and cancer
rehabilitation programs have received accreditation as
specialty programs by C.A.R.F. These accreditations demonstrate
the highest standards of Rehabilitation. When you or a loved one
comes here as a patient, you are cared for by a team
of rehabilitation specialists who have specific
training and expertise to best meet your individual
clinical and emotional needs. Many of our nurses are Certified
Rehabilitation Registered Nurses, and patients
are overseen daily by board certified
rehabilitation and internal
medicine physicians. All patient rooms
are private, spacious and include in-room bathrooms
and showers, flat screen TVs, and Wi-Fi. Each room has a chair or a
couch that converts to a bed if a family member
wishes to stay. Families are important and
encouraged to participate in their relatives care. The center itself is carefully
planned for our patients unique needs, with
available features like a wander-guard system and
video monitoring of designated patient rooms with permission
of the patient or a loved one to allow close supervision
by staff without disturbing a patients sense of privacy. The environment is quiet,
calming, and distraction free, maximizing patient recovery. An entire floor spanning
12,000 square feetis devoted to treatment space. The gym is filled with leading
edge equipment, including an overhead patient lift system,
a simulated car to practice getting in and out, a functional
electric stimulator arm and leg bike, and exercise
and balance equipment. We also provide the
Ekso Robotic Skeleton to support our gait
and mobility program for those with lower extremity
impairment due to stroke or spinal cord injury. Even the hallway
floor is designed to mark distances people
walk during recovery. Our professional and
experienced staff includes occupational,
physical, speech, respiratory, and recreational therapists,
plus social workers and registered dieticians. Additionally, our team
features neuropsychologists who specialize in
care for people with complex cognitive
and behavioral cases and pet-assisted
therapy currently lead by our beautiful
golden lab, Gayle. Our Daily Living
Kitchen is a place where people re-learn essential
skills like preparing a snack, doing laundry, or
washing dishes. Patients are able to plan
meals, shop for ingredients and even prepare
a meal to share. On the Regional
Rehabilitation Centers fourth floor is a large
outdoor therapy area. Patients can practice
walking or moving on a variety of
surfaces and terrain such as ramps, stairs,
grass, gravel, dirt and decking similar to
their home or community. Theres even a putting green
for golfers and a zone to garden while
standing or sitting. With more than a half century
serving our community, the Alta Bates Summit Regional
Acute Rehabilitation Center is a place where you
and your loved ones can expect the
high-quality care needed to help return to daily life.

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