Allergy Season 2014 – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

[ Music ]>>We’re expecting a bad allergy season this
year and in part that’s due to all the moisture we’ve in the winter, lots of rain, lots of
snow. The type of allergens people are allergic to varies throughout the year so this time
of year tree pollens are highest and so people with tree allergies specifically will have
the worst symptoms. What we tend to see is later on in the spring and early summer grasses
come out and some of those grass allergic people will start to get symptoms then and
then in the fall people are rag weed allergic which is the other big allergen the we see
around here will start. There are a number of factors that can effect how bad of allergen
season we will see. In this particular case it’s been a very wet winter even if it’s been
very cold we think that is going to lead to particularly bad allergy season this year.
First step in creating allergies is actually allergen avoidance and there are a few steps
that people can use at home to avoid different exposures. First of all avoid sleeping with
windows open in the spring time, even though it’s tempting. Another thing people commonly
do is as it gets warmer is to dry their clothes outside and that can actually lead to depositions
of allergens on the clothing and then we don’t think about this but we ourselves can actually
carry allergens or pollens. So when we come in to the inside you want to make sure you
take the clothes off put them in the hamper and also wash your hair that can be a source
of allergen exposure. Those are easy things you can do that don’t involve the use of prescription
medications as well, one of the main things is a sinus rinse such as a [inaudible] or
other kinds of sinus rinse. That can actually rinse the allergens out of your nose and help
to avoid exposure. There are a number of over the counter remedies so things like antihistamines
can actually be very, very helpful and there are a number of antihistamines that are not
sedating, they’re non-drowsy and those are very good. [ Music ]

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