Alissa Thomas, MD, Neurologist – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

(soft piano plays) – Hello, I’m Alissa Thomas
and I’m a neurologist. I try to have a very individual approach to my patient
interactions and to patient care. I think that it is a
necessary part of neurology because everybody’s brain is unique, their presentation is unique, and so even two people with the same diagnosis have a very different
experience of the disease. So I tend to spend a lot
of time with my patients trying to understand what their goals are with treatment and to cater our plan in a way that makes sense for their lives and to meet their goals. I chose to go into neurology because I think the brain is the most
fascinating part of the body. And I find it really interesting, the mind and brain
connection, that the brain is kind of the organ that drives all of us and is the physiologic center of the body that is controlling everything. But the mind is this separate piece that creates who we are and makes us unique and develops personality. And so the connections all live in this one structure and
I think it’s fascinating. So that was really what drove
me to become a neurologist. (soft piano swells) (soft piano fades)

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