Alex’s Frightening Trip to the Hospital | Black Ink Crew

– ♪ – [indistinct intercom] – Oh my God, it hurts so bad. – I don’t even know
what to say right now. Today started off
completely normal. Alex and I were getting ready
to go run some errands, but as soon as
we got in the car, he starts complaining his back
is hurting really bad, having back spasms, and just
shaking uncontrollably. – I really have never seen Alex
in pain like this. Like tears coming out his eyes,
it’s scary as [bleep]. – ALEX: [groaning] [bleep]! – This [bleep] hurts so bad. – ALEX: [moaning] – DONNA: Oh baby. – [indistinct yelling] – ♪ – I never even heard of
somebody needing a CAT Scan if it wasn’t for like something
crazy as [bleep]. Like is something really
seriously [bleep] up? – DOCTOR: Your CAT Scans do not
show any breaks in your spine. Or hoping that if you lay down
long enough, it’ll go away. This is going to be something
that’s gonna require weeks of therapy to make all of your muscles
and your tissues normal again. – What does that even mean?
Permanent damage? This is so scary right now, like
I don’t even know what to do. [bleep] you, Ceaser. This [bleep] is all
your [bleep] fault. It’s gonna be okay.

100 thoughts on “Alex’s Frightening Trip to the Hospital | Black Ink Crew

  1. Teddy and Ceaser weak asf for dat shii omm and teddy weak weak cuz he got come for Alex while he on the ground and then he gon attack teddy and Ceaser needs get dey ahh beat fat dat shii bruhhh you fuhh up some on life like wtf I'm am so freaking mad rn😡🤬

  2. I see everybody screaming law sue but I don't think that he'll win because wasn't invited to that party in the first place and all imma say to this scene if it real hold your head I don't think it is because it wouldn't be recorded

  3. Alex get you a real good lawyer you going to get paid if you really do what you do black ink will be yours just think about it 😉

  4. Ok they should've never pulled up especially at that time ceas already didn't like Donna and the fact alex was just riding ha back

  5. I just don't get why he can't tattoo over a few muscle injury? How does this affect him and why can't he tattoo anymore? I have an uncle that has severe MS and does drawings/ tattoos all day. I don't know. I'm not saying Ted/Cease where right for the sucker punch but it seems to me that Alex wants it to rain lol. Fat payday!

  6. That's how I felt after my car accident!! Now surgeries later…and back spasms..spinal cord stimulator!! Get better

  7. A WORLD of whimps lol omg!!! Do you know it people out here that can't even walk from fuckin back injuries and ur crying and walking round crying at that. Bruh pain is temporary ur kind. So you now the handicap roll from here on out you gotta playyy bruh anything else will expose everything ok ok!!! Smfh!

  8. 😂😂😂 if you tell me somebody crying don't show me a picture with them covering their face cuz I technically don't know these crying and he wasn't doing all of that seizure nonsense until the doctor came in now he's shaking uncontrollably 😂😂😂😂 if he really hurt its fucked up I'm laughing but right now it's funny so I hope he ain't hurt

  9. I push play again he's no longer shaking and he has no severe damage that he's acting crazy but that doesn't mean he doesn't have any damage to the area 😂😂😂😂

  10. When the nurse asked if he had any recent trauma, I said to myself, "you have NO idea". Seriously, Ted and Caesar are straight up clowns. I really hope Alex recovers well.

  11. I had tissue damage on my neck and back and believe me it never goes back to normal, some months are okay some months are extremely painful, even though there’s no broken bones

  12. Usually in the hood and amongst men when fights take place, there’s contributing factors on both ends that caused the confrontation. This might be the first time I can say one man didn’t do anything nor did he instigate anything. Alex got jumped on simply cause Cease and his girl were at odds, and that’s foul.

  13. I feel so bad for Alex and I definitely don't know why Teddy got in the fight Alex didn't never done anything wrong. Man Teddy and Ceaser had lost there damn mind and hopefully you feel better Alex because you is a nice person and I kinda feel bad for Donna to cry you don't need to cry you a good person too

  14. A lot of tattoo'ers have back problems from always leaning forward or just from tattooing too long. Don't get wrapped up on the story line

  15. This is my first time even Watching this show and im already starting to put all of my shade on ceasar,donna and al didnt even do anything to him,but C had to put alex down for no reason at all

  16. Some of yu ppl sound dumb for saying this is fake.. So the crew paid the nurse and hospital to tell this man he has damage tissue… I hope Alex sue they asses

  17. Ceasar & The other guy should have never jumped Alex at ALL!! But his loud mouth girlfriend should have been quiet😂 its his GIRLS fault for running her mouth. They should have never touched Alex though. 🤦🏾

  18. Alex had Cesar until that bean bag Ted came in. Poor dude,no one deserved to get jump especially when they haven't done anything wrong

  19. That's So Petty That Had No Right To Jump Him Luckily Donna Jumped In Protecting Him And She Stayed At The Hospital With Him Rubbing His Back 😣😣😣😙😔

  20. Alex needs to announce what he really is. He is a transsexual, a female. I suspected it for a long time his features are over feminine and the was slapping ceaser when he went at him plus he in hospital about the injuries he got man men dont get injured like that he looks like a woman who just got beat! Come out!!! Ceaser ain't even hard!

  21. I've had a billion CAT scans. Nothing ever came from them. A CAT scan is basically performed on anyone that has any back pain. Donna is really reaching. I love her but stop it.

  22. The dude weight is a buck 100. Ted Caesar jump him from the back and front. You can't get no more coward then that.

  23. Sue the production too! For lack of security. Sue all them for putting you threw this bullshit . Here you need a Good Lawyer.LOL

  24. Sue the production too! For lack of security. Sue all them for putting you threw this bullshit . Here you need a Good Lawyer.LOL

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