Alexandria Bonner, PA-C – Family Medicine | Marshalltown, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

My name is Alexandria Bonner. I’m a board-certified physician assistant
in Family Medicine. I work at McFarland Clinic, the office in
Marshalltown on Main Street, and I joined McFarland in 2017. I love Family Medicine because I love being
able to take care of patients from infant to geriatric. I love all age ranges, and I love to see how
people kind of grow and change throughout their age in their life. I also love the continuity of Family Medicine,
so I love getting to know my patients and continuing to see them over and over again. It’s the best part. So I will be offering preventative care as
well as disease management, chronic condition managing, and well visits, so all sorts of
things kind of across the range of medicine. Well they’re going to meet me and we’ll kind
of talk about what’s bothering them, see kind of what they think we can do to help them
feel better, and see how we can improve their life together. Getting to know patients is the best part
of medicine. It’s why I went into medicine in the first
place. I love getting to talk to people every day,
all day. It’s awesome getting to know your patients
and seeing them and seeing how they grow and seeing their families. It’s so rewarding to kind of help people make
it through difficult times. I think “Extraordinary Care” means providing the patient with the best
services you can offer. One of my favorite things about working with
patients is collaborative care. So I love kind of hearing out the patient,
seeing kind of what their opinions are on things, working together instead of just kind
of having someone be told what to do, because I think that patients deserve a say in what’s
going on in their medical care.

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