Aleksandra Bukiej, MD – Rush University Medical Center

The majority of patients who come to me are
the patients with pain in the joints. Always the first question which I try to get
answered is if the patient has inflammation in the joints, and the reason is because we
have effective medications for inflammatory arthritis, and we are able to cure the patient. My goal is to personalize the treatment of
inflammation in the joints by using additional tools like X-rays, MRIs [magnetic resonance
imagings], ultrasounds, blood tests. We are able to assess the type of inflammation
and to find the best treatment for the patient. When the patient has chronic inflammation
in the skin — like psoriasis — or chronic inflammation in the gut — like Crohn’s
disorder — they can develop also inflammation in the joints. The treatment for inflammatory arthritis,
most cases it’s also the very good treatment for inflammation in the skin or in the gut
— and the patient can take just one medication for two conditions. Our goal for the patient is no pain, no swelling
in the joints and to return the patient’s quality of life to the point before he developed
pain and swelling in the joints.

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