Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

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Off Central Drive,
DLF Chattarpur Farms,
New Delhi – 110074,
Ph: +91-8130109221

10 thoughts on “Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

  1. The right choice if you are looking for a Drug and Alcohol De addiction or Rehabilitation center in Delhi, India

  2. Best Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for Alcohol.

  3. Counselling sessions and regimented lifestyle has proven to be highly effective and the success rate is better than most centers in the country.I have been associated with numerous rehabilitation centers in the country, Sahyog detox and de-addiction clinic being one of them. Check Sahyog centre.

  4. WBC hospital is the foremost Alcohol Rehabilitation in Delhi, Specialize in stress management, depression, rehabilitation and various psychological behavioral disorders. We provides quality treatment to our patients in all over the India. Department of Psychiatrists mental health care of International standards with a team of qualified and experienced psychiatrists.


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