Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers – What is it like going to in Rehab

hi guys help with alcohol addiction
just want to talk a little bit about alcohol rehabilitation.
I have spent time in alcohol rehabilitation and no what its like.
if you have listened to my previous videos and podcasts you will know that i have spent
about a year in rehabilitation the first time i went it was really tough,
i didnt really know what to expect, it was really really scary to say the least. i didn’t
think it was going to be as scary as what it was but…
one you get in there you are alright you are fine. I think for me was the way there in
the Car on the road up there it was terrifying . I didn’t know what was going to happen,
what to expect and what was going to happen. i didn’t think that I deserved this. Why should
I be here and why shouldn’t other people be here. was clearly disturbed by the whole thing.
Yeah I think I lasted about three weeks the first time, or was it 2 weeks. I cant remember
its really hazy, its that long ago. The tried to help me, they tried there best to help
me. They did everything they could, but I wouldn’t take the help. i was in this rut,
some how they pulled me out for a few weeks and they tried to sort me out. I don’t think
I wanted to sop drinking, that was the problem. The whole idea was to get on there get a job
leave the place and continue along like I was normally doing. These places are amazing if you can get into
them. What we intend to do on this channel is, contact people and organizations from
different rehabilitation facility from around the world and around the country. So you can
see what s actually available out there. Because the one I went to was a none religious organization
that was owned by a church. it was owned by the church but it was leased to this no religious
organization, but it was owned by a church. So basically I lived a a rehab facility for
3 week the first time I went. Really good but there was people in there
who started drinking and started drinking, i kept sneaking out on the night time to get
vodka and drink it. Get breathalyzer in the morning and just passing he breath test. I
was foolish it was childish, pointless and ultimately I got clicked out in the end. inevitably
what was going to happen. So yeah 2 years later I Phoned them back up and asked to go
back. They said yes, this changed my life. We will help you this time if you actually
listen to what we have to say. i did everything they asked me to do. i did everything they
wanted and ques what happened. I stopped drinking and stopped thinking about drinking. I did
everything they told me to do and quest what happened. I stopped drinking. Allot of this
is just common sense, and this is what IM going to teach you on this channel. allot
of this is just getting your hours in order, getting g all your bills, your house and your
head and mind in order. Once you get everything straightened out and in order. Life becomes
easier. i have been into rehabilitation twice. the first time I went into rehab was many
moons back. man years ago and the first time i went in was a very interesting time. The
people who are in there and the characters that were in there, it was an amazing time,
and and experience not to be missed. To be honest it was fun and it was a really good
laugh. it shout;i have been really but, when you go to these places you tend to get some
real good characters in there. Yeah first time I went in there didn’t really take it
seriously, but em.. yeah they kind of saved my life in some respects the fist time. i
had al kinds of things going on in my head and in reality. I didn’t know what was going
on. They took me in the fed the watered me.they tried to sort me out. But ultimately I was
going to start drinking again and ultimately i didn’t really want to do it. many people
who go to rehab don’t complete it because they don’t want to stop drinking, its as simple
as that. I spent I think the first time about 3-4 weeks. but this second time was an experience
and a half, ill give it that.. This is in the UK, this is in a place in the north east
of the UK. I don’t know about anywhere else in the world. In future videos IM going to
start getting interviews with other rehabilitation facility and other alcohol organizations,
regarding alcohol facility available. if you own a rehabilitation center or you
work for company who owns a rehabilitation center then please drop us a line and get
in contact with us. We would like to get in touch with you and do an interview. So that
what we intent to do on the channel in the near future. We want to interview these places
and find out what options are available out there. for the client and for the person who
wants to stop drinking. so i though it would be good to give you I insight into what heeded
to me when I went to rehab. There is all=kinds of this goes on. There is 8 people living
to together in one house, who probably have never lived in a house with 8 people before.
I had not loved with more than 3 people, and that was when I left collage. Yeah these places just give you chance to
get your life back together.they give you a chance to breath, they give you a chance
to sit down and asses the situation that your in. gibe you all the time you need to prepare
to leave. you know , you are not rushed to get out the door.
the second time i went in there, it was really good, put my mind unto doing it,
i wanted to do it, it would take a
week or so to get this done I would take weeks and months and years to
complete. You start to think more and ,more differently. you start to think, your who mind est and
your out look changes. so that al I can say. So the second time I was out there, it was
strange because I had spent the last 10 years going on like a fool, going on like an alcoholic.
Like alcoholics do. i know it all, I know this i know that, you
know there wasn’t unthinking i didn’t know, because i was an alcoholic and I new everything
and known had anything on me. They give me time to sit down and ases myself
and they give my time to start acting like a ,man again and they give me that space to
realize, these factors. I needed to learn how to be a man again , I
know this sounds a bit crass and a bit stereotypical. But with me and with a lot of people it was
about being an adult again. Re-Learning how to get hold of your responsibility and start
to be an adult again. because ultimately once you pick yourself up and get over that hurdle
and get around the corner. You wont want to go back. I your life will start going back
to normal. So you haven’t really got an excuse in a way. Hats why people cant see it, because
its really really to imagine and do. it’s a psychologically a mind bender.
the alcohol keeps pulling you back all the time.
These places give you spaces to breathe without fear of temptation and fear of people wanting
you to join them on social situation., bad influences and people ultimately who will
drive you to drink. you learn to be a man again. I learned how
to be a man again. respect myself again and respect others, I’ve
always respected others, its just you have to give yourself some f your own self respect.
start dressing yourself on a ,morning start getting up on a morning and brushing
your teeth. having a wash and don g things with a routine.
the more you get routine the more you can start to fit things together. Wake up do your routine, and actually you
look around and theres nothing else to do. you have paid all your bills/debts. You know
you r set for the day, and the rest of the day is yours. you can go and watch a DVD, or play a game
of pool or what ever acclivity there was. In the rehab Center i was in they had pool
they snooker, they had gymnasium, tinny little gym work out room. they had table tennis darts… You know all the pub/bar games ha ha ha All the games you play in a pub quite rooms for mediation it was an old medical dispensary for and old
church it was 1780 it was an old creepy building anyway there is such things as ghosts.. ha
ha ha Adjacent to the building I was in across the
road there was an old massive huge manor house. which is now a nursing home.. this was 1780 I used to walk around the grounds at 12:00
till 3:00 in the morning every night and I never seen a ghost.. not once.. a massive
pathway through the woods in the dead on night, pitch black.. most people would not have done
that.. but anyway there is no ghost, well there was
no ghosts there. It used to by and old leper colony back in
the 1700 for the monks of Durham.. the place I stayed at the people were really
good, the people where amazing and they did a great job. They would breathalyzer you every 10:00 sometimes on the afternoon. the people who ran the place they went home
on a night time. you stayed the night, and there was 8 of you all there under 1 roof.
in this massive old manor house.. you had to have trust in each other and you had to
sort of grass on each other. what i mean by grassing on each other,is when
someone is drinking or is suspected of drinking. The the people in the house are supposed to
phone up the emergency number and tell the staff. If someone had been drinking I was there to sort my head out and that was
it. one of the girls i was in rehabilitation with,
the last time I was in rehabilitation, I lived in a house with this girl…
she died last week.. she started drinking again and in a mater
of about 4-5 months she died after starting drinking again.. so yeah that rehabilitation Center i wen to
was amazing and it changed my life. the people in there were really good. IM doing more stories on ,my time in rehab this is just s short video for today. they are good places to go to. infarct i actually miss the last time i was
in rehab. really I do… I seen one of the guys the other day who I
was in rehab with last, and we both miss it. it was a good laugh and a life changing experience..
it was 8 people living in 1 house, you know, IM nearly 40 years of age and I was living
in a house with 8 people. it was a laugh a minute..
The only thing that was missing! just one thing
the alcohol Ha ha ha
thanks for all your support recently its been really great i have been getting loads of good feedback,
hits and vies, and LIKES I really love it thanks a lot for everything we have hit 500 subscribers its amazing thanks allot drop us a like subscribe and we will see you next time.

9 thoughts on “Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers – What is it like going to in Rehab

  1. Be careful endorsing any kind of rehab. Here in North America, rehabs are a huge industry with many charging thousands of dollars and are quite frankly ripoffs. They have people doing things like horseback riding or oil painting thinking that will cure alcohol addiction. Another major problem at least in my area is the rehabs are completely unregulated so there are lots and lots of fly by night outfits with people that are not qualified. I spent some time in one that quite frankly I wouldn't board a dog there to be honest. It was infested with bedbugs and was a total dump but on their website it looked like a nice place. Also most or many of the rehabs are staffed or run by AA members and that is where they get many of their clients from.

  2. It's difficult to have people in 24 hour residence.. and not have it like prison, so I totally understand why they use 'art therapy', equine therapy etc. What would you do if you had a bunch of people whose days you need to a structure? But yes, it is a very expensive service( and shorter rehab is shown to be much less likely to succeed) & outcomes are incredibly varied. The bottom line is it's only going to work for people that are ready to refrain from alcohol use ' in the real world'.

  3. Great video thanks. I've been sober for 8 days now and I've signed up for alcohol rehab. This article really convinced me that alcohol rehab is the right choice for me:

  4. Thank you for your words. I'm about to head out to rehab the second time again, but this time I'm ready for it. This video couldn't have been more perfect to come across. Thank you for helping me go into it with more confidence than i had before I watched your video.

  5. Hello @islandguydavid, have you considered some people need help now and you are pushing myself and them away? I will take bad life help over dying everyday.

  6. Hey Pip. I've made some inquires about rehab.. I may be able to get in there come Tuesday. It's Saturday now and I'll be sober until I get some diazapam when I'm in.. going to be tough but I want the change more than anything right now! Wish me luck and I hope to be in the chat when you go live again. 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been to rehab once already and looks like I’m headed back now. The first “opportunity” was a nightmare. I’m hoping I have most of it blocked out by now. I only learned new Wiley ways and tricks that time around. like you, don’t think I intended on quitting. This time my health is at risk and it’s a different addiction.

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