Alcohol & Drug Rehab at the Providence Projects in Bournemouth, UK

Carey: Do you know what, for once in my life
I actually feel proud of me. I actually feel that I am actually worth something
and deserve to live a life that’s full. You know? And be happy. I’m nearly eighteen months clean. I’m eighteen months clean next week. Paul: I’m going to be a year clean and sober
in about three weeks’ time it is and every day get’s better for me. Matt: So I’ve just celebrated my nine year
birthday about two weeks ago. So that’s like a big achievement for me because
I like couldn’t get more than like a couple of months or a month clean and I’d be using
again. So to find out that I’m young and that I can
do it. If I could do it, then anyone can really stay
clean. Zak: Looking at my life, I would probably
be dead, under the ground. Given me a life back that I didn’t know
I would had that life without Provy Jon: Well that was the worst of it. I was getting up and drinking just to make
myself feel better, to try and run away from what had just happened. Sheila: Its awful because there wasn’t anything
I could do about it and it had got to the point when Jon was drinking all times of the
day. And in the morning he would reach for a bottle
of wine from the fridge. Paul: I’ve been doing this for nearly fifteen
years and I’m still astounded at the changes that people are able to make, when they are
given the right treatment. Most client who come to us in their feedback
and their evaluations, often say that for the first time in their lives they felt understood. Stephen: I have worked with a lot of addicts. I have been through treatment myself. I’m a recovering drug addict and alcoholic
and my experience of treatment of various treatment facilities, I felt they left a bit
to be desired, really. And I wanted to do something where clients
felt cared for, where we were kind to them and took them seriously. Carey: It didn’t matter what I did, you
know, they were always there for me. And that, as an addict, is priceless because
you don’t get that on the outside. I came from the darkest ever place, to be
honest. It was absolutely no hope whatsoever. Zak: I tried detox, tried a private detox. I spent a lot of money. Carey: What I do remember is as soon as I
walked in that door the unconditional love that was shown by every single member of the
staff in that building. Paul: The admission process, the referral
process at Providence is really, really simple. You have from that first call, people are
often in rehab within 48 hours. At the Providence Project we have a really
intensive, structured timetable, consisting of a variety of one to one counselling sessions,
group therapy sessions, workshops and groups not just on addiction but we are looking
at relationships, we are looking at stress management, family therapy. Stephen: We also do a lot of work on low self-esteem,
low confidence. Many of the clients that come to us have got
huge egos but no self-esteem whatsoever. And it’s very important that they realise
that they are good people. Carey: I just didn’t know how to live without
using drugs or alcohol. So I needed, I needed them guidelines and
I need the boundaries that were put down her for me. Paul: A massive, massive change. To put down, you know, the drink and drugs
is one thing but to learn and learn so much about yourself and the and do so much work
on yourself, was massive for me. Because I didn’t really know who I was when
I walked into the Providence and as time went on, I realised I was achieving something and
moving forward and there was going to be a life for me ahead, you know after three months
was massive. Sheila: It was as if I’d got a partner back. You know, somebody who was willing to be a
partner in our lives. Rather than somebody that was just blocking
everything out all the time. Carey: What the Providence Project is, is
a life-saving machine. A very well-oiled machine that if you walk
through them doors and give yourself a chance, I guarantee to you that you can stay clean
and anything is possible with them. You know, trust them because I see many people
and if you want recovery, you get recovery there. I’ve seen many people going through them
doors and being really successful in their lives. Nobody that goes in there has to use ever
again. Paul: They changed my life, you know. It was down to the Providence Project that
gave me my life back. You know? And not only me, my partner, my mum, my grandparents. All the people, my children, they had their
dad back. My children had their dad back. My family had their son back, you know. And every day gets better for me. It’s not easy, it’s far from easy, but
its one hundred percent better than what it was. And that’s… If there is people out there that are struggling,
you know, I never thought that there was a way out of the mess that I was in, continuingly
doing the same thing, day in, day out, day in, day out and the feeling from inside when
you are, you know, you are doing the wrong thing. Paul: So many people say, when they think
about their time back at Providence Projects, their memory is of the first time in years
having that real belly-laugh that they had lost through the grips of addiction. Jon: The people that I met, workers, counsellors
at Provy are the best people I have ever met. You know, they saved my life and our marriage
but save hundreds and hundreds of, well countless amount of other people’s lives. Sheila: Yes, we are always saying it, aren’t
we? Thank you. Jon: Thank you so much guys. Words don’t say it but you know that. Thanks. Sheila: Yes. Our thanks. Zak: Over here, its like a family. I got the goosebumps now. Its like a family down here. They don’t care what sort of race you are. I’m getting emotional now as well. They have given me a life back. I didn’t know I would have that life without
Provy. Like I said, I can’t thank them enough. Stephen: As an addict, I never thought it
was possible. I never thought it was possible to stop. I just didn’t think it was in the slightest. But to see people actually break the cycle
of their addiction and have a life. It’s just miraculous. Absolutely miraculous and anyone can do it. With the right help, anybody can do it. Anyone can beat their addiction. They can beat alcoholism. When I say ‘beat it’, I mean come to terms
with it, break the cycle of it and live a life full of quality.

5 thoughts on “Alcohol & Drug Rehab at the Providence Projects in Bournemouth, UK

  1. Well I've am certainly not dead and neither have I relapsed!!!! I couldn't have done it without the love and support of the Provy and its members! So I'd appreciate this comment being removed by yourself .

  2. I was one of the people in this video I am now 2 and a half years clean and sober my life just keeps getting better for any one that needs help I recommend the providence going there changed my life I continue to do what I was told to do at the providence project and now I can help others to stay clean and sober it’s a miracle what has happened thank u to all the staff

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