Albuquerque nurse practitioner opens new clinic in International District

IT )S ONE OF THE ECONOMICALLY DISADVANTAGED AREAS OF ALBUQUERQUE, IT )S ALSO A TOUGH PLACE TO FIND A DOCTOR. BUT A LOCAL NURSE PRACTITIONER SAYS SHE )S DETERMINED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.. BY BRINGING A CLINIC TO THE INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT. NEWS 13 )S CHRIS MCKEE SHOWS YOU. Piseth Knight FOR THE LAST YEAR… Piseth Knight 19:50 “My tools here… and just kind of take a look at their eyes, ears and throats” 19:55 PISETH KNIGHT HAS HELPED TREAT THE SICK AND INJURED IN ALBUQUERQUE … AS A CERTIFIED NURSE PRACTITIONER.. NEAR COORS AND ALAMEDA. Piseth Knight/CNP, Alameda Acute Care Clinic 08:07 “You know for me, I think… everybody deserve decent care regardless.. regardless of your status” 08:14 AND THAT FEELING.. IS WHAT )S NOW MOTIVATING KNIGHT TO DO HER JOB… WHERE SHE SAYS THOUSANDS NEED HELP. Piseth Knight 06:13 “We )ll try to give access to the people in this area” 06:15 OUT ON EAST CENTRAL NEAR WYOMING… 32:31 ( (sound of super cool truck passing by ( ( IN THE HEART OF ALBUQUERQUE )S ECONOMICALLY DEPRESSED INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT…. KNIGHT HAS OPENED A NEW PRIMARY CARE CLINIC… WHERE HARDLY ANY OTHER MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS HAVE OPENED IN YEARS. Piseth Knight, CNP 08:16 I just want to give that.. you know, that hand to them, to be able to come here and do what you need to do just like any other patient 08:24 THE CLINIC.. IS RIGHT INSIDE “JOHN )S PHARMACY”.. WHICH OPENED IN APRIL.. John Ma/Owner, John )s Pharmacy 23:41 “I felt like this area needed a lot of help” 23:43 DEL NORTE HIGH AND U-N-M GRAD JOHN MA IS THE PHARMACY )S OWNER AND OPERATOR. John Ma 25:26 “Hand in hand we could help the community and you know, improve patients health outcomes” 25:30 IN AN AREA WHERE A LOT OF PEOPLE WALK.. OR RIDE THE BUS JOHN WITH HIS PHARMACY… AND PISETH WITH HER CLINIC.. THEY HOPE THE NEW EFFORT.. CAN HELP PEOPLE WHO NEED IT MOST. Piseth Knight 15:29 “It )s a community service that )s available to them when they really need it” 15:33 CHRIS MCKEE.. KRQE NEWS 13. KNIGHT SAYS SHE PICKED NEW MEXICO TO START HER BUSINESS BECAUSE THE STATE ALLOWS NURSE PRACTIONERS TO OPERATE THEIR OWN CLINICS.. WITHOUT A PHYSICIAN. ONE NEW MEXICO SCHOOL

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