Alan Blank, MD – Rush University Medical Center

I’m an orthopedic surgeon, so I see a number
of general orthopedic conditions such as hip and knee arthritis, other general aches and
pains. But I’m also specially trained in orthopedic
oncology — diagnosis and treatment of any lump or bump within the muscles, the tendons
or the bones. We see a number of different conditions — many
of them thankfully are benign, meaning not cancerous, but unfortunately some of them
are cancerous. We have a large team here of about 25 physicians
in different specialties who review all of the cases that we have come in of these lumps
and bumps and growths to decide whether they are something that we need to address as if
it’s a cancer or as if it’s something benign. Not all conditions need surgery, and there’s
plenty of nonoperative things that we do that help patients, especially with arthritic conditions
and other aches and pains, but even sometimes with growths — growths that clearly are
benign, meaning not a cancer. Oftentimes we can continue to watch, if they’re
not causing any problems, and we don’t necessarily have to do surgery on everything.

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