Al-Qaeda Hospital Massacre In Yemen

cool oh my omona vehicie Runa Soraka movie sir we’re a hospital in the capital of Yemen right next to the minister’s defense by al-qaeda launched a huge attack actually Wednesday attack is he wrong I killed civilians she’s not something al-qaeda in Yemen had done before the barely reported attack in the capital city of Yemen was typical of al-qaeda’s current tactics just like the attacks on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai and the Westgate Mall in Nairobi a handful of gunmen heavily armed and willing to die wrought havoc for almost two days but in Yemen the tactic badly backfired to the main gate where it started they came on food first of all they attacked the military police who were here they were able to kill five immediately because they came in military uniforms so they were really surprised when these people started shooting at them and three of them were killed here from the attackers three of the attackers were killed yes but given what you know now you don’t think the hospital was the target it was the Ministry of Defence first assumption everybody would think is the Ministry but they did not go inside the ministry although they could the horror which they did in the hospital makes me really believe the hospital was the target dressed as government soldiers the attackers walked around the hospital casually killing at least fifty two innocent staff and patients and everybody knows that’s a hospital come on they sold doctors and nurses in whites and they saw patients and they were killing everybody inside it any door which was open they went in and shot people these are the guys who were here so these are the soldiers that were killed killed here if you kill the people here you have control of the gates once they’re killed the security guards at the gate the attackers drove a huge truck bomb into the compound which housed the Ministry of Defense but all the hospital this armored vehicle was stationed here that’s a pretty powerful vehicle I’m that day this vehicle did not start but something maybe I’m not supposed to say but I’ll say it anyway if they started every day and they make a turn with it right now just to make sure I didn’t stop you what do you think that’s suspicious I I don’t know so once you’ve driven in through this gate the only way to go straight towards the hospital yes and the back of it was full with TNT or whatever yeah because the car you can see it on the camera footage the car was really heavy and it was really down it stopped for like less than a second not even a second it exploded all this went down all the whole roof went down this is now reconstructed already we were hearing it might call it in same room with hiking beside the scene but really we don’t know what going on when we go out everything was in and fire everything destroyed horrible yeah if there was a big hole there you see where the area turns black it was like a meter and half deep our two meters and the width was the whole area but create a crater in this there’s a big block yes it was one driver one driver parts of the brain of this terrorist were on the roof of this building half of his brain and his ears were found clear and he was inside this car no no this is his this is his car so that was just completely blown to bits one-fourth of this car flew over this building yeah to the other side about 150 meters there is still a foot there what’s this there what’s the foot and usually after an attack al-qaeda would put out a statement claiming responsibility but this attack was different they made a statement later on which they said they take responsibility that they are sorry there was a big mistake that one of their guys like went loose a llama in neighbour alaikum in Solana ahuna LM not Muhammad Ali well I’m not bad I’m Malcolm maybe well I said Anna what a man she’s very strange for al-qaeda to apologize that’s the first time I think maybe because of the horrific images the Yemeni public some of them maybe were having some sympathy for their cause they lost it and you think they would have apologized if they wouldn’t have been the CCTV footage I was against showing that footage at that night the the relative should have given time to come to peace with what happened but it did force it did it did help a lot physically I don’t eat as I used to do I don’t sleep as I used to do I don’t want to come to work but I do come to work I feel regret for the people most of the staff here I would say 60 or 70 percent I chose them personally and I feel sorry that maybe it was a mistake that I chose them if I didn’t chose them maybe they will be alive today really there was a nice teamwork here it’s like a family thing it was good we heard some fire outside in the gate and then suddenly one soldiers came from us he received one gunshot from abdomen we put him in the bed after we put him in the bed it suddenly explode we become drunk from the ground I saw one guy wearing a uniform of the soldiers when I asked him to for help he suddenly aimed again to us and start one fire it’s the bomb yeah and it’s the bathroom I am here and the shot came from here and then the three females run inside and I go from here and they all survived but no I just scroll and I put myself inside from this table and he’s standing just two or three guys right from here just to search me where I run and then I think he didn’t saw me from the tables so that he come back from the bathroom and you knew your friends were inside the bathroom yeah and he woke him and he walked inside and start to fire and that I shout for limits I said oh my god one of the attackers who came in here he tried to go in to the operation theatre through this door he found a locked door and two doctors opened this door they wanted to know what’s going on here and he saw them so he shot one of them killed him and followed the other inside and inside the operation theater he killed another six dr. Jamila was here telling him I’m a surgeon what are you guys doing and he just called me just shot at her with his machine gun and he killed for in this room it’s a bit dark I’m sorry you can still some some some of the stains of blood you can still see it but there is no light yeah they were stuck here and one of the guys who were talking to you downstairs he hid here with another nurse who they already left the Philippines the guy we spoke to downstairs twice he was a few feet away from the attack can he survive that yeah he is very lucky yeah yeah extremely lucky if that day is your day you will die I decided to stay just because of my family but my wife and my child D just before history it is legal to Philippines so you decided to stay just so you can keep honoring yourself yes just to form your family this is what I can say and how has this affected you personally every day I’m just wandering looking for them I hope that they will come back but you mean you help your colleagues who were killed Yan come back so he is still difficult to accept it yeah it really happened every day I’m just going to my village still looking in their faces imaginations I was here and the patient was here sorrow from German and his girlfriend’s had they started the shooting outside the hospital start our windows come broken in one second I told them come with us it’s control because I know that Rome it’s more protect there has been a problem with al-qaeda in Yemen for some time but did you ever think it could could affect you while you’re at work you cannot understand why this hospital we treated all people retreated soldiers retreated everywhere even from al-qaeda when they have a one patient will treat him we are a doctors yeah uniquely they apologized afterwards at sell blood oh sorry you killed 57 pupil and you destroy the life a lot of our familial it’s not easy to see the I am sorry I will give you money or something else I can be lost in my life and I have some patient till now they are really in shock and do you think it’s possible to fully recover I mean as berserk yeah I will cover it I think we are I’m a doctor I go and I do what I have to do because you are able to save some patients that I would suggest my they are my patient and I have to save them I thought about them more than me so although this was a horrific attack I’m walking past the Bombers severed child foot as I say this there’s some hope that it could be a turning point because up until this day al-qaeda had made a policy not to attack civilians in Yemen the fact they did so indiscriminately meant even their supporters turned against them so this could be the first attack of its kind here but maybe it could also be the last you

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