Aiken Regional Hospital Patient Testimonial

(soft music) – Jeff is a morning person. He’s always outta bed way before I am, and he’s whistling in the
shower and listening to music. He loves mornings, that’s
his most productive time. – On Tuesdays and Thursdays,
I teach classes at USC Aiken, so I’m out the door by
a quarter ’til seven. The other days I’m walkin’ the dogs. – Well, we woke up that morning and it was a little after eight,
and he was still in bed. I knew he was in trouble. I didn’t really know that
it was a heart attack, but I knew he was in trouble. – She called our family
doctor, Dr. Ray Vaughters, and so Dr. Vaughters
hooked me up to an EKG, and it was different than the one that just five days earlier. And he came in and said,
well, we’re gonna send you to the hospital, we’re
callin’ an ambulance. – When the ambulance arrived,
one of the paramedics came in and said which
hospital do you want to go to. And we both looked at each other and said immediately Aiken Regional. – I knew that I could
get excellent healthcare at our hospital, and that’s what we did. We got excellent healthcare. – When he got into the Cath
lab that day, his right coronary artery was 99%
blocked and already collapsed. – So within 10 minutes,
they had put a stent in. – He was this close to not being there. So I’m so glad that we made that decision to go to Aiken Regional right away. – Went back to Dr. Arthur after
the second stents placed in, and he gave me clean bill of health. So everything is good right now. We definitely made the right decision in going to Aiken Regional. – I don’t think we coulda
gotten better care.

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