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  1. Thanks a lot for prepare this video series – My daughter just start her education in faculty of medicine in Thailand. I will bring this knowledge to help her for future career.

  2. Interested in seeing how you ended up deploying the models. I ended up with a combination of ML engine | Cloud Functions | Firebase RDB Triggers which worked pretty well for my current MLaaS project >o

  3. All the technologies are here, so each day we delay the development of open and free medical AI, thousands of lives are lost.

    So nice to watch this, right now working on app that would be able to diagnose lung cancer online.
    It would be free and decentralized web app.

    Would be nice to have WebVR dicom viewer, to better visualize images.

  4. Siraj , Video is great and too much knowledgable.. , Can you please make Learning Path for Machine Learning.. ! ☺ From Beginner to Advance.. !

  5. Been watching your videos for about a year Siraj. Love what you do, and completed my MSc in Data Science with your help 🙂
    Currently in my first Data Science job and have to say your videos helped me get started with understanding Deep Learning. Appreciate it bro!

  6. The quality of the content you put out, Siraj got reeealy good. And, I love the episodes when you talk about using AI for business.
    Cheers bro, and keep up the great work!

  7. Siraj, I'm a radiologist and prior computer science major. Really love your videos, and this one in particular! I'm taking Andrew Ng's deep learning course and hope to work in this space in the future! Look forwarding to checking out this course as well 🙂

  8. I’m a radiologist and I’d like to get involved in AI. I need help with the programming. Let me know if you have experience and want to collaborate.

  9. Dude. You rock my socks.

    "Some doctors really are gifted at what they do, like Dr. Oz. Just kidding."

    Made my day.

  10. Pretty cool course man! Thanks for sharing this content 🙂

    Just a small request/feedback that I think it'll make the video cooler: Give more technical details about the project that you showed.

    I'd like to know more details about it.

    Besides, it's super cool to see health example and good uses for social data.

    All the best!

  11. That's a great idea but having worked in the Healthcare IT field you should know you're treading on thin ice legally. An AI solution like this could get a Dr in A LOT of hot water if it made a mistake. And I don't mean to scare you but it could get YOU in hot water as well. Not with any criminal offense but you open yourself up to be sued, a Dr for malpractice and you for your part in it. Don't freak out. Add in some disclaimer and maybe talk to a lawyer.

  12. Hi Siraj,
    I'm a high school student at the Loudoun Academy of Science, and I was interested in possibly creating models that would learn to recognize different insect bites and identify them (Dangerous bites vs ants vs mosquitos). As a high school student, do you know of any datasets I could access that could give me decent amounts of data to train the model with, or how I could find some? I was also considering using some sort of redundant analysis including some factors other than just images to help classify, such as the sensations(itchy, burning, stinging, throbbing) and an intensity attached. If you're able to help at all or have any ideas about this, I would really appreciate an email at [email protected]

    Thanks in advance for any reply and also for making this amazing course available for everyone!

  13. What do you think about Neural Networks together with Genetic Algorithms? I'm trying to build a heart disease classifier by using a mix of both!

  14. I am a doctor(MBBS, soon to be enroled in PG) , have learned python, now leaping towards ML. Thank you Siraj

  15. Hi Guys, I am currently creating an application to help medical professionals detect diseases/features from medical images, through deep learning, and would like some insight from the medical community, as it would immensely help with the design of the application. Here's the proposal website: https://bit.ly/2KkqeJZ and here is the survey form: https://bit.ly/2r4CllJ

  16. I actually love this guy. I'm about to graduate high school and have been unsure about my future. I'm interested in a lot of things in science, finance, and other fields but have always been into computer science, math, and statistics. Every time he makes a video I'm reassured I picked the right major of computer science. Plan to go into AI and machine learning eventually. Thank you Siraj

  17. I am a doctor, currently further study in data science. I am very interested to know deep learning….tq bro !!!

  18. Hey siraj great video! I was wondering how can we implement machine learning for classifying biomedical signals like ECG,EEG or BCG. Thanks in advance!

  19. Hello Siraj. Thank you for all your entertaining and densely informative videos about AI. Can you do a playlist on AI and the legal domain or AI and Law. Can/will AI replace lawyers and judges? I think blockchain will be a huge part of this system. 🙂 Thanks in advance.

  20. How do you verify that your training data is accuratet? How do you know you're not training your AI to misdiagnose?

  21. The course literally started at 5:04 and ended at 10:07 ….Damn!!
    You teach more than a semester course in 5 minutes!

  22. hi, guy. I am from China.I want to know how to begin with AI learning, I want to consult you, could you give me you contact methods,so i can commute to you?

  23. Thank yo Siraj I have been watching your videos and learning so much. I made my own here using your course and lessons. https://biovision.ai

  24. Guys I need your help. I really want to play with the diabetic retinopathy (DR) dataset but it seems I can't download it on kaggle. Does anyone else have the same problem? Where can I get those datasets?

  25. I'm a radiologist working on AI/ML projects. I agree that AI/ML has a tremendous potential to HELP doctors including radiologists especially by removing the mundane repetitive work so they can focus more on quality rather than quantity. However, it also has an equal opportunity of being used for cost cutting for huge mega corps and insurance companies.

    The current trend is "AI better than Doctor/human X" which I believe is an improper metric designed to commercialize AI/ML. A better more accurate metric would be AI/ML helps doctor X save more lives. "AI/ML supervised by doctors or AI/ML supporting doctors in their practice" is the perfect set up but if we're not careful, it might turn into Machines Replacing Doctors everywhere because they're "cheaper for mass production, faster, don't complain, and are more readily replaced when obsolete." AI/ML is currently learning only with "correlation" and still cannot compete with the human brain's capacity for "cause-and-effect" which is a key differentiating factor between man and machine (but will businesses care about that?).

    I hope that more doctors become engaged in the #democratizeAI movement and your #100DaysOfMlCode.

    btw, love your videos Siraj. Keep learning a lot from them. I usually only watch and like but had to speak up about this since medicine and Radiology are near and dear to me. I really hope AI/ML is used for the betterment of health care, and not increased economic/production output.

  26. I'm a BME Undergrad and I'm gonna be attempting to build a classifier this weekend at Shellhacks in Miami. If anybody's got medical datasets on anything please message me.

  27. Mr Siraj Raval Great video. I am from Diabetic Hospital in India n a WHO collaborating Centre in India. Wld like to implement Google Tensor flow for Diabetic Retinopathy.
    Can u help us
    My email I'd is [email protected]

    Thanks n regds

  28. Hello world… I have a question… Best way to display MHA files using python… Is? Display in the sense 3d visualising of MHA files..

  29. Thanks man, an amazing tutorial. i'm doing my project on MRI brain classification using cnn. Datasets are in .mha file format. I'm using simpleITK library .But how can i generate images from .mha file?

  30. AMAZING !!! I LOVE YOU. I'd love to make something for Image Processing Techniques used for Dental X-Ray

  31. thanks a lot Mr. Siraj, I want to ask "How apply edge detection for medical image by Machine Learning especially with Genetic Algorithm"

    please, I will wait your answer with great enthusiasm

  32. Preparing training data for radiology (medical) data: https://www.trainingdata.io ; https://www.trainingdata.io/blog/

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