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You know aftercare is a vital part of
any operation and that also includes penis enlargement surgery. You know when
you’ve had penis enlargement done, the aftercare is really important. It’s quite
simple and very straightforward but it’s very important that you follow a set of rules. These include taking the antibiotics
after the surgery and following the Urologist’s advice in terms of massage,
this is to help ensure that the fat transfer aspects of the procedure
settles down properly and we get a nice even symmetrical result along your
penile shaft. Also, follow the rules in terms of showering and bathing after the
procedure to make sure that the little cut in the base of the pubic
area heals nicely and without or minimizing risks of infection. Also make sure that
you attend your follow-up appointments with the Urologist, this is really
important because we want to make sure after the surgery, that everything is
settling down now at Moorgate Andrology, we offer you unlimited aftercare checkups.
We even have our own patient care team and their job is to make sure they keep
in touch with you and the lines of communication are always open between
you and the patient care team to make sure you have the best chance of a fully
successful recovery. So if you want to find out more about penis enlargement
surgery and also the aftercare that’s available and there for you at
Moorgate, give us a call. We’ll make an appointment for you for a consultation
with one of our Urologists. That’s all from me today, I’ll look forward to seeing
you back here at Moorgate. Until then, bye for now.

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