Affordable PetVet Clinics at Tractor Supply Stores!

Hi! And welcome to PetVet, your convenient
community veterinary clinic. Located in your local Tractor Supply store, We make it easy to keep your pet
healthy, happy and safe. We offer the highest quality wellness veterinary care. Here’s how it works! No appointment is necessary. Just come into a
scheduled clinic at your convenience. You can find times and locations on our website. Be sure to have your cat in a carrier
and dog on a leash. Our clinics are staffed by trained,
knowledgeable pet experts, Who will make care recommendations
based on your pet’s lifestyle. A licensed veternarian will oversee the
care of your pet at the clinic. In addition to vaccinations and microchips,
we also provide preventive care Including diagnostic testing and prescription
heartworm, flea and tick products. We can even provide a health certificate,
with advanced notice. Once your pet is seen by one of our veterinarians,
you’ll become part of the PetVet family! Your pet’s records are stored safely in our database, So if you ever have questions about your pet’s health history,
we’re simply a click away. Thanks for watching. See you soon!

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