Aesthetic Doctor Reacts To Celeb Dermal Fillers

Hi guys, my name is dr. Sarah Tonks, I’m a cosmetic physician in London. Today I am talking to you about ‘celebrity work’. Now I do get questions on Instagram and YouTube from you guys asking me ‘omg what has such and such person done’ or like ‘do you think she’s done this with her face’ so a while ago I put out an Instagram story question asking you which celebrities did you want me to kind of review and I legitimately got so many answers I cannot make it all into one episode so I’m going to make this a two-parter so if your celebrity that you’ve requested isn’t in this video fear not because they will be in the next one which will probably be next week sometime. By the way the more eagle-eyed amongst you will probably have noticed that my eyebrows are looking a little bit extra at the moment and that it’s just because I have just had them done. I’ve had them tattooed. It looks like this right now because it’s covered in pigment, and in about five days, so by the time that we do the next video it will look lovely. So yes I know I look like I’ve just colored in my eyebrows with a crayon I am aware. Okay so we’ve got the first celeb up now and I just want to make it like totally clear that I am in no way slating these people, what I’m doing is trying to come at this from an ideal ratio point of view and one of the problems that I have certainly my businesses if celebrities are walking around they’re looking you know less than ideal then it has an impact on how people feel when they’re coming to say me because they’re gonna be thinking oh I really didn’t like her cheeks or her lips so I’m gonna be a bit scared about having it done myself whereas you don’t really see good work walking around because it’s imperceptible. A lady who actually kind of made me want to do this video is first up so that is christina aguillera. When I was a kid you are either like team Britney or team Christina and I’ve got to tell you I was definitely more team Britney than I was Christina and I never could get on with that whole leather chaps thing that that she used to do I don’t think anybody who looks good in chaps. And she did look great but unfortunately I think what’s happened to her recently is the lip area what’s going on there what I think what’s actually happen is she’s just been a little bit overfilled here or it might be that she’s recently had this procedure done so sometimes when you’ve literally just had your lips tone or your cheeks done or whatever the skin behaves in a slightly different way because it’s swollen up and it doesn’t look like it would do in say like 2 or 3 weeks I think this happened to Carla brand I remember that lady french first lady a while ago she had well she was like totally sated in the press because she’d had some work done cheek fillers and maybe a bit of lip as well and I think she’d made an appearance quite shortly after it was done and the press way oh my god she looks terrible but actually when it all calm down looks alright so yeah the issue here with Christina’s lip is it’s more about the shape of it and how this particular shape doesn’t really occur in nature so that’s what we’re trying to do with aesthetics these days we’re trying to replicate something which is natural-looking thanks for it to be natural-looking that it has to be something which naturally occurs and this shape doesn’t really naturally occur which makes me think that it is swollen and also it seems to be like there’s quite a lot of sort of products underneath the lip right here again I don’t think the injects won’t have done it like that because that kind of shape is a little bit um how can I say you know like 2005 I think it’s much more likely that it’s just a bit swollen I could be wrong I don’t know I don’t really follow Christina Aguilera’s movement so return of what she looks like now just my thoughts there let’s go over now to somebody who looks amazing I am of course talking about Bella Hadid hats off to whoever has done her face because they’ve really kept the ratio in there and her proportions that absolutely bang-on she looks beautiful but of course this is about what she’s had done I think it’s fair to say it’s pretty obvious that she’s had some cheek fillers done because the cheeks weren’t like that before she’s probably has some jawline work done as well and some lip augmentation to the lip augmentation very nice see she’s got now this 50/50 ratio in the lip so the upper lip is 50% of the whole lip it’s probably a bit more common to have 1/3 to 2/3 but actually because of her heritage she can really carry that off obviously she’s had a nose done as well I mean who hasn’t yes I have done mine and she’s just generally a really really good example of how you can look if the work that you’ve had done is of good quality really seriously hats off to whoever has done her next up Courtney Cox she was very much part of my childhood that whole friends thing I was very big into that when I was younger it seemed very trendy at the time and she did go through this kind of period maybe about five years ago where she wasn’t looking so good and that’s because somebody who basically overfilled her a bit now looking absolutely amazing again and I remember in the press she did say that she dissolved all her fillers I mean she’s definitely put them back after she’s dissolved them but obviously just in a much more natural place so the issue was before she had all this product here in the cheek so when she was smiling it kind of bunched up and that’s something that happened an awful lot back then I’ll tell you from why so the muscles in that area if you fill over the top of them when the person smiling because the muscle pushes up like this it takes the whole thing up with it and that’s when you get this one Sheng thing happening here if you inject underneath the muscle there it doesn’t really move so you get a much more natural look and I suspect that that is what Courtney has done but looking at these pictures here I mean the woman has seriously just not aged she looks fantastic I next up we’re gonna talk about Jennifer Lopez okay so I mean clearly Jennifer Lopez is smoking hot and looks incredible I just want to make one thing absolutely clear to you guys which is there is no such thing as special celebrity genes so like Jennifer Lopez is what like nearly 50 or something and she looks amazing if this was natural then Sharon in a cow’s would look like Jennifer Lopez you’d have Stacy down in I don’t know logistics also looking like Jennifer Lopez it’s not natural people don’t normally look like this she’s had some really really lovely sensitive work done so that it’s kind of just like preserved her through time and what more could we ask for she looks amazing you may ask well that’s great Sarah but why she done so well probably like everything so she’s probably had was very good sensitive fillers in good places she’s clearly had a bit of Botox as well she’s doing some skin resurfacing too probably some ultrasound or some radiofrequency to keep the tissues nice and tight there because if you don’t tighten the tissues and you just keep adding more more more more more filler then it looks a bit weird she might even have had maybe some very minor surgical interventions as well of course that is a bit of a trend now to either do like an endoscopic brow lift or you know like a half lower face lift it is possible that she has done something like this I know my name is gonna be down on that list for when I get older funnily enough I did see a picture of her from like way way way back when and her chin looked a little bit different but I could only find one picture like that so I don’t know if it’s the angle or if she legitimately did do something when she was younger to change the shape of her face slightly not sure not sure and now we’ve got the most natural looking of the Kardashian / Jenner family Kendall now I don’t really know too much about these people so I understand that maybe she’s the one which is the most natural looking I mean of course she looks amazing if this before-and-after is anything to go by they’ve done a really lovely job for her and they’ve really changed the angle of her eyebrow and a very flattering feminine way which is lovely and we really got that peak going on there they’ve probably done that using a combination of Botox and maybe some fillers as well she’s obviously had a bit of cheek work done to again it looks very nice they’ve really kept her ratio there which is lovely and we’ve done the lip as well to be honest for me I’d say that it was probably a little bit big you can definitely take a bigger lip if your face is wider you just really have a wide face she still got the same kind of triangular shape as Kim Kardashian does where somebody like Angelina Jolie her face goes straight down so that means that she can carry off a bigger looking lip if your face is kind of slimmer like this towards the bottom I think it can look a little bit weird sorry don’t kill me so I would have maybe gone a little bit smaller and with the lips their ratio is not bad though and they’ve kept her Anatomy so super important when you do the lip you keep the anatomy so you’ve got your middle medial tubercle here and then the two lower lateral – because that’s a little bump on the lip because that’s what curves in nature hey guys sorry for the haters the camera ran out of battery and I was in such a rush this morning to get out I just thought you know what screw it I’m gonna go out have my day come back and then finish the video when I come back so here I am I’ve done all the things I need to do today so I am back to talk about our final person today which is Madonna for a really really long time Madonna at least for me was a fantastic example of how someone can look when they’re having anti-aging treatments and looking really good with it you know she was she had the body she was really toned she had the face everything was just kind of tight and lifted and you know tucked and she looked brilliant however I do you think recently she’s kind of falling a little bit into that trap of maybe having a bit too much volume in the face as we discussed in the video earlier one of the problems is when you put volume I feel a fat whatever above the muscle in the cheek and the person smiles or moves their face it kind of takes that volume with it and that’s how it can end up looking a bit unnatural and you know guys we’re always fighting this battle constantly it’s a battle that sadly we will never win because as we age the volume loss gets more and more greater and greater and there comes a point where you replace it and you’ve replaced it and replaced it and replaced it but then you you can’t get it into the right space quite enough so you’ve still got that tissue sagging you still got that heaviness but you don’t really have anywhere that you can replace the volume in what do you do then well some people like maybe in her case I’ve decided to just keep filling it and filling it to try and make the skin very smooth and line free you can also try to tighten the skin using either laser or radiofrequency or ultrasound or do a surgical type tightening using a facelift for example so I really think with age it’s a bit of a trade-off so on the one hand you’ve got lines and wrinkles on the other hand you’ve got volume do you try to erase all the lines and wrinkles by putting more volume in knowing that the volume that you’ve put in then becomes not quite how you would see it in nature or do you replace the volume the best you can and sort of deal with the lines and wrinkles a bit there have been quite a few studies which have shown it’s not actually the lines and wrinkles that make us perceive somebody as being older it’s more to do with the shape of the face so don’t sweat it if you’ve got some crow’s feet or a few vertical lines on the upper lip it’s totally normal what people subconsciously look at when they’re seeing you for the first time is this is it a triangle in this way or is it a triangle like this or is it more of a square or a rectangle and you want to try and take it as far away as you can from it being this the dreaded triangle with the widest part of the base here ie Cowles then if I was Madonna I’d probably let what she’s got in there right now settle down and wear off over the next few years I don’t think I’d go and try and dissolve it or anything like that I mean you can but then you wind up having to start from scratch and sort of replace everything which I don’t think is always a great idea don’t get me wrong of course that’s something that I do doing the clinic if somebody has been sort of grossly overfilled in the wrong space but it is a bit of a faff so in her case I probably just knock the volume replaces on the head and do more stuff for skin-tightening okay guys that’s it for this week join me again next week for part two of me checking out celebrities and talking about what they’ve had done hopefully this is one of those situations in which the sequel will be better than the original if you would like me to discuss any other celebs in particular then just please let me know in the comment section below if you’ve got anything to say about what I just said then again let me know in the comment section below don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed the content and if you’re feeling generous give me a smooch on that like button as well I’ll see you guys again next week

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  1. Correct about volume and not lines /wrinkles that make one look old. You will find many and I mean many 20 somethings with lines around eyes and forehead but they still look 20 something. A few lines are a non issue. Most importantly is keeping volume and not sagging for both men and women.

  2. woow, madonna and courtney cox… please, elder woman should stop doing that, it actually makes them look older and so unnatural

  3. I’m Mexican with rather fair skin, I’m aging like milk left out on a hot day! Lol I got fillers and I’m on retin A and I’m getting carded all over again. Also planning on getting some Botox this week to freeze these eye muscles . If this isn’t for you, then don’t do it. Simple as that, you don’t need to watch this or be so negative. It just comes off like you want some work done yourself but probably can’t afford it, which is understandable, it’s not cheap but just try and be neutral about it. Some of you really sound hateful.

  4. The best way to maintain the shape of the face is by doing facial exercises. And Doing them right and regularly. When I was 25 everyone was telling me I looked 25. I'm 37 and they all are saying I'm 30 max. I know a group (the one I'm doing the exercises with) of women and we all are for the same routines. When they post their pics of FB of before and after we all look undeniable better and getting compliments. Also I'd avoid any drastic diets. As loss of facial fat is " deadly". Facial fat is precious, oh so precious!! Also I don't do much high impact body exercise like running as i believe it is not good for the face.
    After my exercises our plastic surgeon at work Said to me " you have Those high eastern European cheek bones". When in fact they're only my muscles that lifted due to exercise. My cheeks always been insignificant. I just cannot afford spending £1000 a year on fillers so had to find alternative.

    Btw, thank you doctor for your videos, honest opinion and non judgemental attitude

  5. Good lord…how do you stand it ? Wonderful video but so many people are off on tangents in their comments ! I am so glad you have the self actualization and esteem to ignore or laugh over their remarks. Enjoyed this presentation…thanks 🙏💐🙏. 🇨🇦

  6. OMG small changes are undetectable but once you add them up, wow. Kendall looks like a totally different person.

  7. end of the day white girls should just be content with the lips that God gave them ….they look like fishes trying to replicate something that was not God given

  8. I don’t understand why people talk about surgery or injections as if it’s normal – ur not a car or a moterbike, u don’t just go into the work shop and fix it up a little 😂 it’s serious ! The idea that having injections makes u look better? Working in a high end soho salon I’ve seen my share of these woman … they look amazing in photos but in person they just have some thing wrong about them …when u look at their faces u don’t know where to look as u just wanna know what’s happened

  9. I mean I loves a video that properly explains why the face looks unnatural post work but SIS I feel like how can you see all these things on other people but not the fact that BLOCK EYEBROWS ARE NOT A LOOK, if they've just been freshly tatt'd then I completely take that back but otherwise hell no??? how can you be trained in facial aesthetics but not see that they're whacking up your whole face?

  10. About the dumb commentaries on your face! Your beautiful and unique I’m glad you respect your own face and uniqueness.

  11. That is a great video! Its nice that you talk about Madonna’s case back in September 2018. If you compare it to now in June 2019 she looks totally different. Her face in less than one year seems to have settled down and she looks almost like before she had most of the fillers. She looks much better now.

  12. Madonnas face is puffy-she looks ill, not younger. Especially since her hands are clumps of knotted rope and she’s so thin everywhere else.

  13. |I perfectly understand that people in the public eye are under pressure in terms of the longevity of their careers, men as well as women and some people are more subtle and savvy than others. Disclaimer; haven't watched your 2 part presentation yet but let's begin with Michael Jackson. That wasn't cosmetic … if anything that was pathology which was deeply tragic. I recently watched book club in which Jane Fonda took part. Like Marlene Dietrich, she knows better than any director what lighting is going to work and so the astounding amount of work she has had done was softened by camera angles etc. She also has kept in great shape etc. so at 80 in this film she is almost plausible, … except that women's voices tend to drop in timbre as they age even as non-smokers; we all know how she sound …ed but this contralto voice emitted from this face was not credible. This is personal with me; her French is quite acceptable and I was living in Lausanne when she went on French television decrying the tendency to use cosmetic surgery at any level. 'Qu'est devenu la ressemblance familiale?' she asked indignantly. No translation required. Current photos of her in more realistic lighting show how disfiguring the work she has had done. I am as anxious as anyone to look my best and in my early 60s with reasonable vanity, to still maintain masculine companionship without trying to attract the attention of men who are fundamentally interested in younger women. I'm looking forward to your presentation. All of them are pertinent and vr useful; you are a love!

  14. This seems to have hit a nerve with me so whomever agrees, well and good and i hope I get my point of view across. When Tom Petty was young, overbite and all, he was beautiful; a kind of Donatello David. Apart from having to dye his hair to keep it blond, he did nothing to change himself except grow a beard after the 30th anniversary tour. And yet on the Facebook group dedicated to keep his memory alive 80% of the content consists of uploaded photos of him when he was very young. What really pissed me off was the posthumous release of the song, For Real, which was a skilful pastiche put together by his older daughter Adria who produces Beonce (sorry for lack of accents) and who is a brilliant woman and should know better. His lyrics showed profound self-insight and irony (might have done it for my … big ego) and yet all the stills she put together were precisely the ones that groupies would faint over. It to me was an unconscious injustice done to a man for whom music was life and who didn't need the flattery of youth to be loved and to communicate.

  15. From your channel I learned how fillers work and how they don’t work. Actually, I was way more insecure because everyone looked so STUNNING but now I can compare two pics of let‘s say an influencer and I can tell whether she had fillers or not (mostly YES).

    Fillers, filters, anorexia, teeth bleaching, facials and a nose job. Backdoor to celebrity status.

  16. How are people who looked very average being photomodels with all those fillers and plastic surgeries?

  17. Your lips look just as terrible in this video. There are techniques that allow you to achieve a very very natural result and I wonder why most physicians do it the old school way.

  18. I would probably wait until I’m 50 to get anything done maybe even 60 If I get to that age lol it seems to me the sooner you start with the fillers and Botox the worse they look as you get older…

  19. i think you should make the pictures bigger 👀 and i think you should have cosmetic treatment yourself….did i win anything?! 🤞🏼😂 🤞🏼 ( actually i think you look perfectly fine and do not look like you need treatments…but no doubt i didn’t win as i have the worst luck imaginable) i love your channel and so glad i found it ! xo

  20. The Jenner girls don't look good. They were born tall & slender like their dad, unlike the Kardashian girls who inherited Armenian traits. But they grew up thinking that was what beauty is instead of how they were born.

  21. I dont know if I agree about JLo. Of course shes gotten some work done. But she also just ages well. Plenty of celebrities who also get work done dont look as youthful as her.

  22. Some of these surgeries are crazy you would think they could get a better dr with the money they have and jlo absolutely looks her age… ppl think that just because you wear makeup and not sweats hair done and no gray hair (ppl think you fall apart after 25 which is ridiculous thats so young) and take care of yourself that you look good for your age when its not true. She looks great but her age and nothing wrong with that she not even THAT old. I don't fall for that line and thinks its kind of a backward compliment…. Even at a young age Ive had ppl say it to me… Im in the late 20s early 30s age group and get told I look 21 and I say no I look my age and Idc because im not old and don't care.

  23. No way what is wrong with you guys stop with the madness how about your body you can take off some wt that can be heathy

  24. Awww i wish you were in Australiai if anyone knows a super experienced injector in melbourne who truly knows what they are doing and does super super subtle work please please comment their name.

  25. why can’t people just leave their face and bodies alone? i get that people are self conscious but everyone is beautiful in their own way and nobody is meant to look a certain way. getting surgery and all will just ruin the real you and most likely make you more unhappy with yourself inside. be you!! no need to inject poison into your body to fit societies standards.

  26. Enjoy your videos but the pictures need to be bigger. I can't believe how bad Madonna looks!! Keep the vids coming

  27. Jennifer Lopez looks better now than she did 30 years ago! She denies having done anything to her face, but we know better. She clearly keeps her body in shape through exercise. Regardless, she looks amazing! Madonna is definitely overfilled. She looks puffy!

  28. Yes, please enlarge the pictures! I am happy that you mentioned your eyebrows lol. I would love it if you could comment on a YouTuber –

    Clarisa AntiAgingDermatology

  29. Regarding team Brittany or Christina, Brittany was more marketable, had the IT factor. But honestly Christina was the one who could actually sing. Amazing voice. JLo had a nose job early in the piece so would assume the jaw was done around the same time, the work she's had done is subtle and amazing. Madonna poor Madonna, I used to be a big fan but when she came out with those chipmunk cheeks, I thought, no, don't do it 🙂 I've heard that you can get botox at tip of nose to push it up a little, I would be interested in that.

  30. Keep the photos up longer! Would rather look at the pictures while you describe things, than try and see what you’re talking about in a tiny pic in the corner.

  31. Madge gets uglier as she ages but that’s probably from her “insides” coming out that makes her uglier…. she’s gotten just brutal in attitude in interviews and talk shows. Just a 10/10 rude on Graham Norton as well as interviews and how she treats people. Zero humility and the narcissism is over the top.

  32. I truly appreciate how open, honest and natural you are! You don't shame anyone for what they have or have not had done … as we all see beauty in different ways. I remember when it was considered wrong to have a big butt, yet now people seem to be having implants in their butts. It used to be a joke that when a woman asked a man ""Does my butt look too big in this dress/pants, etc. the man had to say "No dear, it's perfect"! So I have no idea what happened to make big butts become so fashionable. Perhaps it is a joke on all those who naturally had big butts, to encourage everyone with regular butts, add to theirs … Or, maybe once the boobs,, face, lips, cheeks,, etc. have been added to, the only thing left to make women with plenty of money feel self conscious about, was a butt! Who knows, maybe the next thing to add to will be calve implants! 😉 I'd love to have my face appear 'even' as I have a Bells palsy and get so many comments from people asking if I've had a stroke. However, I'd prefer my lopsided face to some of the diabolical lip fillers/cheek implants, etc. that some people have had done. I guess I wouldn't say No to a tiny bit of extra in my lips, especially as they are not only lopsided, but also becoming so thin with age. However, I can really only resort to Retin A (I have a fabulous GP!) just to even out the tone of my skin after having had acne as a teen … and as I've worn glasses all my life, I will be able to see myself a lot more clearly next month when I have my cataracts done YIPPPEEE! … so, I want my skin to be the best it can possibly be so that I don't get a scare every time I see myself in the mirror! 🙂 I keep on reminding myself of your statement than 'We are not Born with the celebrity gene!" I've quoted you to my friends so often since hearing it! I also have CIDP and been paralysed several times and to varying degrees over the years that I'd say, "If I could just roll over myself, or scratch an itch, or feed myself, feel the sand or grass under my feet, etc. then I'd be happy". Well, I can do most of those things now, but I'm still not satisfied! I think that it would be magical to be the type of person who doesn't care how they look … and I don't mean, how they look to others, but just how they look to themselves! If we had 99 people say we were beautiful and one person make a negative comment about something, we wouldn't care about the 99 people, but would be constantly aware of that one negative comment! I can understand that actresses and/or models may want to have work done for their careers, but where would we be if we didn't have the older, character filled actresses to play roles such as 'Drive miss Daisy', or 'Miss Marple', etc. It really is a case of horses for courses and perhaps if we were to spend the same amount of money on therapy to improve our self-esteem, etc. then we'd be saving ourselves a great deal of emotional pain. I know that I'll never be the prettiest, the most intelligent, youngest or oldest in the cemetery, but hopefully I will have lost my 'need' to improve on what I have been given. After all, it's not so much to do with how others see us, but how we see ourselves. A kind hearted person is always perceived to be so much more attractive than a 'beautiful' person without that beauty radiating from the inside out. I see that in your comments about the work that people have had done. You obviously radiate from the inside out and as such, you will only ever 'need' to have work done for your own sake, and not for how others perceive you as I'm sure that all of your friends and clients see that when they first meet you.

  33. Im gonna have volume today. Im 26 and its my first that big, around 8ml, injections. Will also talking about you. Team Britney <3

  34. That puffy look is so unattractive when a women reaches a certain age they all start to look the same when they over do it with fillers

  35. Christina Aguilera's face was perfect before, but bcoz of greedy surgeon's, christina's face looks disgusting with lipfillers

  36. When they go too far with the face lifts and fillers, then they get that joker look. It looks weird and unnatural,

  37. You’re saying women don’t look like that at 50 (J Lo). Black women do! I’m over 50 and no one believes me when I tell them. 33-35 is how old people think I am.

  38. Can you please confirm that Ciara got fillers? Her face shape completely changed out of nowhere. Some people have said its bc she lost weight but that doesnt change the full structure of your face like that smh…

  39. Britney VS Christina… Britney has a ‘The Joker’ smile from her lip fillers. Plus with all of Britney’s procedures (fillers, Botox, surgery) she looks 15-20 yrs OLDER. Her eyes are sunk in (maybe due to fillers on the cheeks..idk? But eyes look dark and sunk back into her face). Britney looks old and rough and over all she looks hardened.
    Christina’s lips are ridiculous. It’s too much. But at least she can ease up on the lip fillers and look normal again.
    Britney looks crazy (no pun intended).
    Just MY opinion, and MY observation.

  40. I have to disagree with her rational that Jennifer Lopez can not possibly be natural. I’m it trying to offend anyone, but the reason why your average gal (whatever she meant by her examples) doesn’t look as young is in part because Jennifer is Puerto Rican (she appears to be a mix of Caucasian and native/Taino). People of color tend to age slower compared to caucasians. I’m sure Jennifer does skin treatments and what not but it’s possible she’s never had an invasive treatment done. My mother (who is Asian) looked that young when she was 50 and has NEVER had anything done and now people would often guess that she’s in her 50’s when in fact she’s turning 70 next year. I mean, I still get mistaken for a college-age woman but I’m turning 37 in a couple of months. This lady portrays plastic surgery (like nose jobs) as some normal thing that people often do, hence it has to be the reason why someone would look young. Is her world so jaded that the idea of some people having good genes is unfathomable?

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