AdvantageCare Physicians | Faces of Care: Dr. Ali Ameri

They’ve dedicated their lives to caring
for us. But they’re also our neighbors, avid travelers, sons and daughters,
fathers and mothers. This is their story, “Faces of Care. My name is Ali
Ameri, I’m an hematologist/oncologist. When I was 11 I just moved to the United
States. I was in Washington and I was just playing around with other kids and
I fell from a distance and was having stomach pains so I was taken. I was just
I’d been in the US for about two months I was taken to the hospital and they did
some scans and couldn’t find anything and then there was a surgeon who who saw
me and just felt like something’s not right and he said he felt very strongly
that I had to be operated on. And when they went in they saw that I had a rupture of
my spleen and massive internal bleeding and probably wouldn’t have made it through the morning if it wasn’t for his decision. I had a two week recovery time in the hospital
after that and that just made me think what an amazing thing this guy just did
for me and the rest of my life is really a gift from him so I wanted to be able
to pay that back to others. I went through medical school thinking I was
going to go into surgery and once I actually went and did it I realized it
wasn’t for me and I did a rotation in oncology and it was a great fit right
right away. I knew that this was my calling. I love to travel that’s
really one of my passions in addition to medicine. I just love
experiencing different cultures different foods, different ideologies,
going to places and just meeting people. Some of my favorite places that I’ve been to are Brazil. South Africa, Colombia is a beautiful country as well as great
people. I’m originally from Iran myself so
that’s also a great place for me to travel. Part of my
passion is also learning different languages so I speak Farsi which is
Persian, French fluently, Spanish, a little bit of Portuguese and I’m working on
Russian right now. There’s no greater satisfaction than seeing somebody is
feeling better and whether it’s coming from something that I’ve done or one of
my colleagues has done. The greatest satisfaction is to have somebody come in
and say you know I’m feeling so much better thank you I get to spend my time
with my family be around and see my kids grow up and go to school and get married,
nothing can make you feel better than that. you

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