Advancing the Individual Patient in Neurorehabilitation | cereneo [English subtitles]

cereneo was founded to advance neurorehabilitation
and to make everything possible that we know is helpful to the patient without limits such as staffing, technical, and
financial-economical requirements. To get the most out of rehabilitation. We offer a neurorehabilitative approach that is quite unique.
The biggest difference is the personalisation and intensity of training. We adjust the training to the individual requirements of the patient.
We use every single possibility to train them during the day, but also optimally tailor our approach to the
patient’s deficits and requirements. For example, if a patient has a movement problem in
conjunction with a cognitive problem, we combine the therapies and train with
two therapists at the same time. If a patient is too heavily impaired and requires
several therapists or technical devices, we bring all that to the patient. And then we maximise the hours. We have no limits in
terms of how long and how intensively we can provide therapy. I think the potential of neurorehabilitation is not
being fully exploited. If we put more emphasis on it, if we develop tools – in other words specific
therapies for specific deficits – we will get much more effective and the patients
would benefit much more. That is the key mission of cereneo: to advance the
individual patient and to advance the field as such. I am proud of cereneo because it allows me to
help patients that I could not help otherwise. It is immediately rewarding for me and it
is a basis for research that is quite unique.

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