Adult Neurology Residency at Mayo Clinic in Florida

the neurology residency program at Mayo Clinic in Florida has one of the highest reputations in the southeast residents here are trained to subside and to become future leaders in Neurology practice education and research Mayo Clinic offers outstanding facilities and resources the most advanced technology and a diverse patient population including complex and rare neurological disorders sent from across the state the nation and the world residents are exposed to a wide variety of clinical situations subspecialties you may get a lot of different opportunities we have essentially every major subspecialty represented and available for elective rotations we have an international health program that I think really sets us apart we have didactics really throughout the year and throughout the residency the residents will have the opportunity challenging cases that really force them to think in a systematic manner to listed a diagnosis I’m really not convinced that is progressive but it’s part of that borgov and part of the evaluation we incorporate a number of other teams we work very closely with neurosurgery the residents get to know our speech pathologists quite well in the therapists physical therapy occupational therapy some patients also benefit from palliative medicine and so the residents have an opportunity to see a variety of disciplines working together we have many resources for education here we have daily lectures from different sub specialists we also have available we believe neuro-oncology lectures epilepsy conferences looking at the surgical cases so the learning plans are individualized based on what your interests are we have seven electives and so if there’s an area that you’re interested in learning more about you can choose to do an elective than that no matter what field they may want to go into somewhere interested and possibly pursuing epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease movement disorders stroke anything they really support kind of where you want to go a neurology you’re integral part of the team you’re not just a no writer you’re not just hunting down up records or doing procedures you’re adding ideas you’re in the conversation the patient population you see here is not your run-of-the-mill patient population very few people know that when there’s a problem that can’t be solved in the community or even after several different visits with alternative institutions that they can feel comfortable coming to me a clinic and that will have an answer for them we need to go back and talk to the patient and make sure that the type of seizure that he’s having now is a typical feature that happens outside of the hospital so I think for incoming residents that’s a special vantage point for them that will give them that extra edge of learning at maybe one or two steps higher than alternative institutions when you start digging into more complex cases it really opens up the potential for learning there’s so many facets in just one case that you can learn about that your learning is happening at an exponential enumerator basis Mayo Clinic has long been known for its three shields patient care education and research there are residents who are interested in participating in research with a faculty and they had that opportunity their residents were interested more in the practice of medicine and we have experts who are willing to teach residents about that as well and then there are residents who already have determined a subspecialty focus even early in residency and the faculty are excited about teaching our residents Mayo is just continues to expand and that’s one thing that I’m so excited to be a part of getting the new cyclotron getting the destination Medical Center building with our oncology partners is big for us as we continue to grow many fields including multiple sclerosis now oncology etc the Mayo Clinic has been rated by US News and World Report as number one in the nation and I think people see that I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that we’re also located in sunny Florida Jacksonville area really is just a great place to live fantastic weather we’ve got some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country we’ve got professional and semi-professional sports teams the arts food it really is a fantastic place to live and a great place to Train so when I was interviewing for residency I had the opportunity to go to many different hospitals and I was lucky enough to match here at Mayo Clinic I would rank this programing number one program exposes you to a very complex and neurologic population there fraternities for research are agreed and clinic training fantastic spectacular supports the research for their facilities so I think that he was a superb program great place breakfast management [Music] you

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