Adult Level I Trauma Care at Essentia Health-St.Mary’s Medical Center (Duluth)

what’s the mechanism? So I’ll see you in
about 20 minutes. I will dispatch trauma team,
and I will see on your arrival. DAVID C. HERMAN: We’ve been a
trauma center for this region for a long period of time. And there are different
types of certifications for trauma centers. And the highest level of
trauma center certification is level one. This is incredibly
important for our community, because I believe that our
community not only needs but deserves the
same level of care they could get any place
else in the country. And knowing that we
deliver that care I think is important for us
to know, but it’s also important for our
community, to know that we make that
commitment to our community. MARK SCOTT: I would hope that
any patient in the area who is injured if they’re
given the choice would say that they want to
come to Essentia, because I know that here we have specialists of
every specialty who can handle virtually any injury and provide
the highest quality of trauma care and see them from
the moment of admission all the way through
discharge to home. KRISTIN COLLING: It
really is a unique thing that we have a level one
trauma center serving this large rural area
of the Northland. It’s the only one serving
all of northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and
even out to Michigan. Having a level one
trauma center that is easily accessible
to this rural community is really important, because
every minute in trauma matters. Delays of minutes
or even an hour really can change
outcomes for patients. MARK SCOTT: We’re
actively involved in a lot of different
avenues of trauma research, and we’re teaching
the next generation of rural general
surgeons here who are going to be going
out to smaller hospitals. And they’re going to be
the front line of trying to care for the region. DAVID C. HERMAN:
When you’re at one of the most difficult
days of your life, maybe one of the most uncertain
days of your life, you’re being brought to
an organization that’s made that commitment
and has that commitment and capability
affirmed that you’ll be getting the same care you’d
get at the best organization anywhere else in
the United States. MARK SCOTT: People with
complicated injuries are oftentimes going
to be in the hospital for potentially weeks or longer. DAVID C. HERMAN: So when you
can get the absolute best care and it’s close to
home, it’s wonderful because that’s where you have
the support of your family, your friends, your neighbors,
your community, and just the comfort of being in
familiar surroundings. This is where we work. This is where we play. This is where we drive to work,
and that’s where stuff happens. And knowing that you could
get the care that you really need at a place where
it’s very likely for it to happen for you, I think
is a very important thing for a region. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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