Adrienne R. Hill, DO – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – Wake Forest Baptist Health

My name is Adrienne Robbins Hill, I’m an assistant
professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
My clinical interest is cancer rehabilitation and I also help to manage patients with brain
injury, spinal cord injury, as well as major multiple trauma.
I became a D.O. because I enjoy the holistic approach to medicine and I see patients as
a whole person rather than as a subset of symptoms.
I enjoy seeing patients because I believe it’s a privilege to take care of them.
I believe in the patient-physician relationship and I value that and that’s what’s important
to me. Seeing my grandparents go through the aging
process, I see patients now through a different lens. They are just as valued and unique as
the young patient, or the middle-aged patient and they deserve the same type of care and
the same quality of care as the younger or middle-aged adult.
I’m a part of a brand new department, Physical Medicine and Rehab and I’m excited to join
forces and help to create a cancer rehabilitation program.
One of the reasons I was hired was to develop a comprehensive cancer rehabilitation program.
I will be working with the oncologists to help to develop this program- it’s brand new
and we are very excited about the possibilities. It’s something that’s certainly in the works,
and one I’m very excited and eager to get started with.

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