Adrian’s testimonial about hair transplant in Turkey at Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic -Quick Quiz

Name Surname? -Have you ever interviewed before?
No -Where are you from?
Mediaș Romania -Is it your first time in istanbul?
No -What did you most like about istanbul?
The combination between modern and what was before, combination of new world and old world -What do you like most about the clinic?
That it’s modern and professional -How did you hear about our clinic?
Through recommendation, through Facebook, one friend recommended and I studied a bit and then got in touch with the agency -Your favourite food? Beef -Your favorite food you ate in Turkey?
Lamb, I’ve eaten it now and other times I was in Turkey -Do you exercise? Swimming or running?
Gym -iPhone or Android?
Android -Tablet or laptop?
Laptop -Your favorite sport?
Judo -Your favorite Judo fighter?
I don’t know to say a name now, I was doing Judo but from football let’s say Cristiano Ronaldo -Your favorite music style?
All styles -Your favorite musician? Armin Van Buuren -Your favorite song?
I don’t really have a favorite one -If you were to choose a favorite one could you sing it? I don’t have any voice and this is electronic music so I can’t sing it -Last movie you watched?
Assassin Creed -Last book you read?
Criminal Code -Last country you visit?
Other than Turkey, Hungary -What did you like about it?
Budapest -Curious or excited?
Excited -Why hair transplantation?
To look younger, because I like a chalenge and because I like everything that can put me in highlight -When did your hair loss started ?
First time approximately 7 years ago, and since then more and more till the present day -Why Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic?
Because the person from whom I requested the informations was very professional and very kind, she gave me all the informations that I needed, even though I asked a lot of questions she gave me very satisfying answers. After that I came to the conclusion that this is the best place and he is the best doctor.

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