Adolescent Gynecology Care with OB/GYN Brittany Stofko, DO

(uplifting music) Adolescent Gynecology – Adolescent gynecology
is caring for young women pretty much from the onset
of the menstrual period up until they begin reproducing. And I usually recommend
to the moms or the dads that once they start having
their menstrual cycle or they’re having problems
with their menstrual, they should definitely come in or if they’re seeking contraception. (uplifting music) If You Need Contraception There was a misnomer that if a woman was seeking birth control that they needed a pelvic exam and that is no longer the recommendation. Certainly if they’re having a problem we would recommend a pelvic exam and an external genitalia exam but if they just need contraception or they need testing or they
need just to talk to someone they don’t have to be afraid that the exam may be
uncomfortable or unnerving. They can really just come in. (uplifting music) When Screening Begins The recommendation now
is that at the age of 21, a woman should start
receiving their PAP test. (uplifting music) What to Expect on the First Visit When a teenager comes to see me they can honestly expect
it to not be bad at all. I tell them I’m not going to examine you. We’re going to talk, we’re gonna talk about a lot of things that may seem silly or
uncomfortable to talk about but if there’s one place
that you can talk about them it’s here with me. Parents can definitely
expect family centered care when they bring their daughter
in for gynecological care. We really focus on making sure that the child feels comfortable and the parents are comfortable. We do a lot of anticipatory guidance and we just try to work
as a team with the parents to make sure that the young lady is growing up healthy. (uplifting music)

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  1. Embarrassing part of pap smear, doctors laugh and smile on there face when they putting fingers in side vaginal area before and after pap smear is done. Pelvic exams are not useful screening for healthy woman and can be harmful especially when women been sexual abuse. Pelvic exams are not effective way to diagnose ovarian cancer STD HPV. Pelvic exams are so anxiety and inducting or painful that they can even cause healthy woman to avoid medical care altogether.

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