Admission to A Hospital Ward – Learning Disabilities Version

Admission to a Hospital Ward. The Doctor may decide that you need to be
admitted to hospital to have some more tests and treatment. You will be taken to the ward by a member
of staff. “Hello” “Hi, are you all right” A ward nurse will be expecting you when you
arrive. “Hi, I’m Jim, your staying with us on
this side at the moment” “So we will take you over to side room 7,
if that’s alright” “Yes that’s fine” “If you’d like to just follow us” “I’ll just take you round” The ward nurse will show you to your bed. They will show you how to use the Nurse Call
Bell, and where the toilets are. “I’ll give you the call buzzer” “If you need anything or want anyone, just
press the orange one” “The yellow one operates the light” “Alright, we’ll be back with you in a
minute” “What happens if I want the loo or anything
do I just press that” “Yes press that one” “The bathroom is in the same room, just
over there” “Where that door is?” “Yes, we will come and give you a hand and
show you where everything is, if you need to ok” The ward can be quite busy at times with lots
of people. When you are in hospital, it is important
that the ward know about you. “Hi James, my names Jo and I’m one of
the nurses who will be looking after you today” “I’m just going to go through some of
your paper work here” “Just a few simple questions” The nurse will sit with you and ask you some
questions. Your Traffic Light Assessment will help the
hospital know how to look after you. Sometimes the hospital can be quite frightening,
please tell the nurse if you are worried and don’t understand anything. “Just some questions about some kinds of
food you like to eat whilst your in hospital” “Is there anything in particular that you
like?” “I like, I try and be healthy, I like salad’s” “Chicken salad I like, vegetables” “Lovely” “I do like trifles” “You like trifles” “Semolina” “Brilliant” Whilst in hospital you will have your blood
pressure, temperature, pulse and oxygen levels taken regularly. This will not hurt you. “Just a few little bits, wont take a minute” “Just going to put the cuff on to start
with, we’ll use this arm” “It will be a little bit tight” “If you just relax that one down for me,
thank you” “Just starting now” “I’m just going to take your temperature
as well” “Which will be from your ear” “Just for a second and you’ll hear a beep” “Lovely and that’s fine” “and then the last one is to just take your
saturation from your finger” “What’s that?” “Basically it measures how much oxygen is
in your blood” “Will it hurt?” “No, not at all mate” “That’s it, just pop that down there” “It’s just measuring how well your blood
is carrying oxygen around your body that one is” “Blood pressure is finished” “Always have to ask because I don’t know” “No, not at all, yes” “Always make sure you ask if you are worried
about anything” “and that’s it. That’s Lovely” “How is everything?” “Yes, that’s fine that is. It’s nice” “We’ll be in, in a second just to order
you lunch and stuff” “and we’ll see you in a little bit, ok” “If you need anything, just press your buzzer” “Thank you” “No worries” A junior Doctor will see you daily to see
how you are feeling. They may want to listen to your chest. “Is it alright if I have a listen to your
chest?” “Yes, that’s fine” “Do you want to undo your top two buttons
for me, is that ok?” “Yes” “Great” The Doctor will ask you to take deep breaths. “I need you to take some deep breaths in
and out through your mouth for me” “Ok” You can ask the Doctor if you have any questions. “Lift this arm up as well. That’s it” “Super. You can do your buttons up again” “How is it?” “It’s fine, all good. “Cheers” “Nice to meet you James and I’ll see you
a bit later ok” You will be asked to choose what you would
like to eat at meal times and this will be brought to you. Drinks are available throughout the day and
night. “Here you go” “Cheers” “Thank you” “Hi James, are you ok?” “Yes, are you?” “Yes, I’m just going to get some of your
tablets, are you in any pain?” If you take tablets the nurse will bring them
to you, she will ask you for your name and check your wrist band. The nurse will ask you if you are in any pain. “You’re not allergic to anything are you?” “No I’m not allergic” “Brilliant. There’s your pain relief ok
just two paracetamol” “Cheers” “We’ll be back in about half an hour to
see if it works” “Alright, see you later” “See ya” Sometimes a senior Doctor called a Consultant
will come to see you. The Consultant, Junior Doctors and Nurses
will then meet to talk about how you are. They will look at your charts and then come
to see you. Everyone will be working hard to get you better
so you can go home.

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