Admission Process at McLean Hospital

– Hi, Welcome to McLean Hospital. How can I help you? – Um, I’m Amanda, I’m checking in. – Okay, Amanda we were expecting you. Do you have you insurance and your license with you so I can make a copy? – Um, yeah. I was so relieved when my psychiatrist arranged for me to come to the Clinical
Evaluation Center at McLean. I had been feeling so out of control. I was super nervous about being evaluated for possible admission to
a mental health hospital. But, this first part wasn’t so bad. It’s kind of like a visit to urgent care. They took my information so they can talk to my insurance company, and they told me that someone would come get me for the evaluations. I was glad I wasn’t the only person going through this process. I didn’t feel so alone. – Billy? We’re ready to get started. Alright, let’s go. – I had gone to my outpatient
psychiatrist here at McLean because I had been feeling so depressed. He suggested we walk over to
the Clinical Evaluation Center. My wife came to support me
while I spoke with everyone. The mental health specialist explained that they store
my personal belongings for my safety and the
safety of those around me. She told me my things would come with me if I was admitted to a program. – To protect other people’s privacy you’re not going to be
able to keep it on you. So I’m just going to
label it with his name, and whenever you need it just let us know and we will give it back to you. – Okay?
– Okay, thank you. So lastly, I’m just going to wand you. Okay, you can just step aside please. Arms out, thank you. – So, now we’re going to
start your intake process. I like to start by giving you this welcome packet to McLean, and it just lets you know a little bit about the hospital and the history of it. I’ve also included the policy
on privacy in there as well. Which just states that we’re
going to respect your privacy while you’re here with us. So this is for you. – There’s lots of paperwork to fill out, but she explained it so I didn’t have to make
sense of it on my own. I know the staff can’t
share my private information with anyone without my permission. I made sure to sign the form so they can discuss my care with my wife. – Hi Amanda, my name’s
Sandy, I’m one of the nurses. I just want to talk to
you for a few minutes. Could you just tell me a bit about what brought you in to the hospital today? – Um, I’ve been feeling
really anxious, and um, out of control. – And, did you come here on
the advice of a therapist, or? – My psychiatrist.
– Your psychiatrist. – I could see why this takes some time. They really paid attention
to what was happening to me. There were a lot of questions but, I knew the more I could tell them, the more they could help me. My brain won’t stop going, like I can’t, like, slow it down. – Okay, and can you tell me how
long this has been going on? – Like a week. – A week? – The nurse said they use the information to create a plan for my treatment, and to figure out what
program is best for me. I asked about what it was
like at a treatment program, and the nurse explained about
individual and group therapy. And the support I would
get from my treatment team. – I wondered why they do an exam like a physical with my doctor. The nurse practitioner said, they want to make sure there
aren’t any physical issues that might make it harder
to improve my mental health. – Push down on your arms, push up against me. Excellent. Okay. Put them down by your side. – So can you tell me a little
bit more about your anxiety? – The clinician asked a lot of questions about how I was feeling and
about my recent symptoms. We talked for a while
about why being admitted was the best option for me. It’s kind of like right
in my chest area like… Sometimes I feel nauseous. It was so helpful to be
reminded that I’m a partner in my mental health care, a part of my own treatment team. This isn’t happening to
me, it’s happening for me. – Have you ever been to a
hospital before for an evaluation? – No.
– No? So this is your first time here to consider hospitalization? – Yeah. As the evaluation started to wrap up, I was worried about
being admitted to McLean. But, I was ready to start my recovery. (piano softly playing)

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