4 thoughts on “Administrator, Nurses Surrender In Hurricane Irma Nursing Home Deaths Case

  1. I absolutely knew it!! if they gonna prosecute anyone when a disaster occurs, its always gonna be the minorities on staff … they never prosecute white folks…they will charge them, they will indict them but they never prosecute them .. smh

  2. Governor Scott can kiss my nursing ass as they pointed out he didn't respond when he gave his own number apparently the police are Emergency Services didn't respond so I fail to see how it's the nurses fault that the air-conditioned went out I fail to see how it's the nursing fault that help didn't come and I fail to see how it's the nurses fault that I hurricane blew up and finally if they did everything humanly possible they should have never been charged to begin with and speaking as a registered nurse of 32 years this is exactly why during a major catastrophe I'm not going to put myself out on a limb for people this is the kind of stuff that happens my first charges to me family people no longer respect nurses are medical workers. And they don't give a damn if they get harmed or anything else but yet they think we have a moral responsibility to put our asses on the line for him this goes to show what happens to medical professionals that do!

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