Addicted to Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency Rehab Center

cheering those four days I was glued to my phone constantly surfing the latest news on Bitcoin I was loading up on ritalin and drinking quite a lot of alcohol I was really starting to feel like there was an impending doom of the world so you were gambling the cryptocurrency star with the comment was going up and down this game so far at all I was did 19 to December and on the 25th of December I was walking in today in Australia asking was London to you that’s how bad things got cryptocurrency can be an addiction we started the cryptocurrency program here at Castle Craig just about a year ago this is when we really started to look at it in a more serious form it was crazy at the time I was taking cocaine I draw you couldn’t sleep after it was just on Bitcoin I was manic but I pre kids kind of wife it’s like an beta if you’re predisposed to addiction they will just grasp you and I won’t let you go and it will destroy your life [Music] Castle Craig hazard hospital in Scotland we deal mainly in addiction drug addiction alcohol sex we also deal with PTSD gambling cryptocurrency so I haven’t seen any studies for cryptocurrency addiction and I think possibly that we’re one of the first places to actually acknowledge that there is a problem there can bitcoins rise be too good to be true this year and the price of Bitcoin is appreciated something on the order of a Bitcoin may rise for Bitcoin believers but this is the future I didn’t already know anything about the confusion about what bitcoin is part currency part Bitcoin can be converted to cash when deposited into accounts at prices setting are not have any choice but to be using it in the future so as the funds became available started to drop my advice to people is never invest in things you don’t understand [Music] my first batch was when I was 13 years of age I’ve got a problem my phone and I cannot pool and it didn’t matter for won or lost and rush in the excitement of having it on the first time I realized what bitcoin and got an order of drugs from the dark web in 2015-16 it was like 9,000 Australian dollars left in their wallet and it was only when it was around a Christmas that it was rising up to 15,000 that I went looking for my wallet was validly over 2 million bucks and that’s where I was like hang on kind of like this thing is just about to crash it hasta I saw this price going up and up and up and I would shorten the cunny two days before dropped I was betting on it every pint of leg down I got in Roy’s letters I’m heading hard to 5-under grandmother just pulled off the best short of all time the last room [Music] it kind differently slid me in another addiction tag to deploy me meeting my rock bottom the courting for me was getting a gifted inspiration and when you get to give to desperation really realizes only one game in town isn’t there and it’s life you’ve not tried so I don’t want to live in a taunt but seven o’clock in the morning routine is huge for me every other normal person in the world Isis their bitch may get up in the morning or 10:00 today it’s quite important to just keep things going the same way as much as you can the minute I start thinking about Paula should do next we’ve got a problem I need to have the plan made from yesterday really I need to know what I’m doing today and I know what I’m doing today now until bedtime pretty much in the castle here is to really detox after I’m feeling excited about the meditation having breakfast with the patients you know just trying to show them that there is hope because when I came and I didn’t think there was hope well given a patient in a suit yesterday predicament Robin Irish humors coming out no I liked him in an absolute heap o cocaine gambling adderall valium I felt very obsessive personally I never understood that I had an addiction I worked maybe 18 18 hours a day for a long time I was taking cocaine I was drinking and I was acting a fool because it was just a release valve I didn’t really understand that I was an addict I was here probably four weeks five weeks before the penny drafters you know everything was a problem [Music] I’m very fortunate actually a therapist in an addiction center now so I’m using lots of my experience within that journey that I’ve had in my life and amusing and a positive form growing up my father being an alcoholic in compulsive gambler we we don’t really have much in our lives and from a very young age I find money could get me things when I was 18 a step through into the casino for the first time and Sapphire in this poker table and I thought I’m at home you this is it this is what I was meant to be doing and my gambling and Michael cocaine just took off i Tom took me to this place that I didn’t have to think about anything else all I thought about was the next bet it was insanity but it wasn’t about the money it was about the risk probably been about ten patients so far that have had crypto addiction which falls under the gambling but none of us none of them thought they had a problem to start with with with the cryptocurrencies it wasn’t until we actually explored their gambling habits that we found actually the cryptocurrencies ones that they they get the most buzz out of the most excitement because of the fluctuations going up and down here you can see the volatility off the cryptocurrencies this is obviously the Bitcoin one this is like 2017 to 2018 and this is for gamblers love you know the highs and the lows and what it does is my dopamine’s insight you know the adrenaline in my brain the front part my brain where the pleasure-seeking part is no the more that this goes up and down the more I love it is not about the money anymore is about getting that fixed is exactly the same as a drug addict cryptocurrency was I suppose the first marker of a a serious problem there has come well it’s a struggle day today like have some things I don’t think I’ve ever been present in my kids lives or with my wife I don’t think I’ve ever been in the moment with them I’ve always been woodwork life is quite boring and finding and it gets at times that I need to run to a gym for an hour to kind of reboot my torch and understand among the problems so that day that you really got the acceptance that you were an addict you were running around the hospital and you were say she’s telling it I’m an addict yes and that meant everything for me my life my behaviors everything had to change ah it wasn’t just cooking it wasn’t just gambling it wasn’t just alcohol you really got that understanding and we used earlier how this works is you know the main therapy and here is in the groups it’s what we do in the groups good morning everyone the cycle of gambling addiction we’ve hit the front page here we’ve got the winning the losing phase the desperation phase destitution phase and then the recovering things for me was more than winning money it was above sitting in the period of time from when the bet was on in the morning on 10 the match came I had a reason to be in the pulp and I fitted into the gang and that elation and that feeling jury waiting for it to come if I won or last it didn’t matter it just went onto the mist straight away so it’s this social aspect that we have to be part of something it’s fun it’s exciting but then we come to the losing phase at this point negative behavior occurs I started lying cheating for me was not about the winning or losing it was about the period of time that I was overcome reality yes the good thing with taking cocaine or alcohol is that there’s a hangover period and with gambling the shame the Chitauri sorb relief for such a long time that it’s really hard for you you live it in silence me there’s my daughter we’re gonna come to the recovery stage cuz there is a way out of this there is a gate that we can open and I believe is this 12-step program the first step the foundation of everything is the acceptance that I have a problem the 12-step program I have seen work on millions and millions of people it’s not about God it’s not by religion this is just about us helping each other you have to remember this is only my opinion this is not going away anytime soon this addiction has no barriers they will take anybody I believe that if you’re not happy in the present and being and you need to be doing an activity like gambling or craving or doing something to make you feel contented as a as a father [Music]

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  1. I both can't believe these morons cryptoers, but at the same time not even surprised. The angry comments are the cringiest part.

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  3. Interesting, although where does the border lie between simply being "a good trader" (who can make his/her living off of btc / market trading) and gambling/ addiction… if you are able to trade profitably with little effort and are making "free money" off trades wouldn't that be quite logical if you had the skills to do it unemotionally?

  4. you get addicted when your manager is good,just like mine Mr Adams you can trade with him as low as $200 and get a minimum of $1300

  5. So motherboard ran out of ideas for videos! I find this video pretty convincing 🙂 well done motherboard!

  6. They want you Bitcoin bitches… run away… run the fuck away… got trade Bitcoin where no one can trace you… run the fuck away

  7. Here’s an idea you perma Bull dipshits. Open a futures account and trade all products. You like money? Why are you trading one product and only buy side.

  8. I just got through 1/3 of this video and I was immediately subjected to a Plus 500 cryptocurrency ad!

    Great fucking timing Plus 500! 🤣

  9. yeah when you are silly and greedy and you win, you call it skill, if you lose … you call it an addiction. So much denial there.

  10. one minor Youtubers require on the way to ameliorate each one added grow? Thanks designed for the support!

  11. Looks like someone was smart and capitalized on the neverbeforeseen 2017 gains through some addiction therapy for our new BTCmillionaires. Perfectly placed right before the next bull run also. Good on ya mate. Making money makes loads of people manic – add drugs to that. Pfuuuh! Where's the wall street addiction documentary btw?

  12. im hooked on crypto (+ cocaine, sex, gambling, food, weed, alcohol, cutting, and finger blasting my own asshole with dildos) – in the end Bitcoin destroyed me and took me to the bottom

  13. How does someone get addicted to elliptic curve digital signature algorithms and digital monetary policy?

    I'll wait

  14. hahaha yeah 'Bitcoin' is the problem.. 😀 SO SCARY! alcohol, ritalin, coke etc thats fine.. but bitcoin.. thats the problem right there! Hit the nail right on the head!

  15. Cryptocurrency is for people who don't want contribute to their societies and real effort. I understand wanting to make money and be secure for those at a disadvantage, unhappy, desperate, etc, no problems with you, but all these already rich fucks trying to get money from others while contributing next to nothing, less than a fucking burger flipper, just piss me off. Are they not just strange parasites on our societies in the end? Is that not the end result on all this exchange of money?

  16. Several bitcoin mining companies have disappeared with my hard earn money and vowed never to venture into any crypto stuff again. But this dude company proof me wrong by their daily payment.

    Has anyone have the same experience with me?

  17. i want to stay in The Downton Abbey and blame my problems on what WILL someday become necessary to live

  18. This pituitary case has a really deep voice. and he's SIX FOOT NINE and his face is really blurry. i think the blurry face is from staying up all night

  19. I wonder if these centres accept people's bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as payments. Sounds like a scam to me. The addiction to endless fiat money created by the Central Banks all across the world is a bigger problem than a digital currency that is limited supplied and a store of value.

  20. It always seems good to meet the right man, I keep making $14500 weekly from Mr Kelvin Peter, all thanks to him

  21. All hail the almighty blockchain . Don't listen to moronic sheeple. Get some use case coins and privacy coins and HODL.

  22. So your telling me he did drugs and openly told them, yet he didnt go to prison, and somehow they thought bitcoin was the problem?

  23. I just came
    Here to say that I have zero idea what bitcoin or cryptocurrency is but I think they need to make it completely illegal. Not a fan. I believe it’s used for
    Drugs or other illegal sickening activities

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  25. after you make that money you should stop and go live your life. come on 2mill to then 500 grand. i wouldve stopped, this man was really confident of himself i bet. LMFAO but i would've never done drugs, maybe coffee have enough cups you'll rule the WORLD xD

  26. wtf is this shit, is this real life? lol HODL bitches, stay away from the ritalin, cocaine and adderall

  27. see if you can identify yourselfves>>>>

  28. I've found that if someone is interested in Bitcoin it's the perfect way to tell that they are low IQ.

  29. You can be addicted to anything. Especially something that has such an explicit “reward” factor as bitcoin did.

  30. What a bunch of weak males and I would say the same thing for females damn talk about weak mind weak self-esteem self-mutilation complete stupidity.

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