Adaptive Outdoor Recreation: Tree Climbing for Kids with Disabilities

(upbeat music) – Tree climbing is this
amazing, extraordinary event that is provided to
families in the community who have a child with a disability. Any child who is aged five or older is eligible to climb the tree. We really do not have any
diagnosis so far that we have seen who is not able to climb this tree. We are even able to accommodate a child with a ventilator up into the tree. The goal of this program is to provide families the opportunity to do an activity together. Most often, adaptive programs are geared just towards the child or the person who needs the
adaptive sport or activity. This program is for the whole family. So what you’re seeing today
are kids who are apprehensive about going up into the tree, and so we start them out gently, and we get them a little
bit off the ground, maybe a couple feet off the ground, and then they see either their peers or their siblings going
a little bit higher, and then that natural
competitiveness kicks in, and they’re just a regular kid. And I hate to just use that word regular, but they’re just a kid
just like every other kid, and they just start to go, and they realize that they can soar, and they can compete, and
they can push themselves, and they are out of their chair, and it doesn’t matter, right? So it equalizes everybody. All this adaptive equipment is equalizing everybody, and that’s huge. ♪ Hey, hey ♪

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