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What could be
the downside? Oh, there are a ton. For starters, how ’bout
the fact that this place rips off folks
like you every day. Whatever. I know the hospital
is expensive, but it is worth it
if I get the best treatment. No, it isn’t. American health care
is not the best in the world. But despite that, we spend more
per person annually on health care than any
other developed nation. And a big part
of the reason for that is that American hospitals
overcharge patients massively. (music playing,
cheering and applause) This neck brace
is worth $20. But the hospital
charged him… $154. This I.V. bag cost
less than a buck. But she was
charged $137. These are real prices, folks. Hold up. Wildly inflated health care costs? This sounds like the work of politicians to me. Was it Obamacare? Trump Aid,
McConnell Med? What did you do?! I’m not a politician. I’m just a boring
white guy. Why does this
keep happening? Sorry, Rachel,
but this time, it’s not
the politicians’ fault. The problem starts
with something called the “Chargemaster.” The Chargemaster is a secret
document full of insane prices that hospitals use to charge
us whatever they want. Let’s go on a trip through
the history of medical billing. Well, I’d rather not. (Adam)
A hundred years ago, hospital pricing was pretty simple. We take the cost
of providing care and add a little on top
to make a profit. One amputation
costs us five bucks. So we’ll charge you 6.50. But after the rise
of insurance companies, hospital billing got
complicated, in part because these gigantic corporations
demanded gigantic discounts. We send you thousands
of patients every day. So, we want… half off
all your prices. We can’t afford that. So, to please these powerful
insurance companies, hospitals cooked up a plan. I’ve got it. We’ll make up a really,
high fake price, and then give you
a discount off that. Hey, as long as I get to tell
my boss we got it cheaper. (laughter) (laughter) (Adam)
And in less than a century, health care prices went from
reasonable to nonsensical. Let’s make one Tylenol $37. Three stitches, $2200. Ooh, here’s a pitch. What if we made rectal exams 69– Nah, that’s too silly
even for me. ♪♪ These crazily
inflated prices are kept in the hospital’s Chargemaster. (coughs) It’s actually a computer file.
But the book is more dramatic. $7 for a single alcohol swab?
That’s ridiculous. And true. Well, I only
pay my premium. If they wanna rip off my
insurance company with their
fake prices, what do I care? If you ever lose insurance,
you’ll care. Because here’s
the really evil part. If you don’t
have insurance, you actually get charged
these fake prices. (studio audience
cheering and applauding) Let’s see,
heart X-rays. That’ll be $33,000. I can’t afford that. No problem, we’ll just
garnish your wages. Oh, bogus. Wait, they actually
charge people without insurance fake prices? Yeah. That is terrible. Well, thankfully,
I have insurance, so the Chargemaster
doesn’t affect me. Unfortunately,
it does. Even if you’re insured,
you can get billed Chargemaster prices
if you go out-of-network. And anything can be out-of-network. The hospital you go to,
the equipment used to treat you. Even the doctors you see. Arrow specialist. Out-of-network,
I am very expensive. Hospitals make
a ton of money overcharging out-of-network patients. It’s a real cash cow
and we all get milked. (cow mooing) Worse, every hospital
has its own Chargemaster. A treatment that costs
7,000 at one hospital could cost a hundred grand
down the road. And you can’t comparison shop when you’re dying. Which hospital
do you want? Money Bags Medical or St. Vincent’s
Discount Sick House? Money Bags it is. Plus, since your insurance
company faces inflated costs, That can trickle down to you in
the form of… higher premiums. Oh, surprisingly painless. Wait till
you get the bill. (cow mooing) How do they
get away with this? Simple, the health care industry
spends more on lobbying than the oil and defense industries combined. (cash register rings) (men babbling) Thanks, Doc. I’ll take care
of you real nice. Say, does this
cyst look normal? Oh, God. So, how can I stop it? What do I do? Honestly, nothing. We need to go
to the hospital, so they have no incentive
to change how they do business. And politicians have spent
decades arguing over how to pay the bill instead of asking why
the bill is so high? Until they do, we’re
stuck with this system. God, what if I get fired
and lose my insurance? I would be ruined! I feel so anxious. (woman over PA) Rachel, the doctor
will see you now. Down the hall and to your left. Well, then,
if I’m gonna get ripped off, I might as well score
some antibiotics. I wanna be done
with this cold, and those miracle drugs are
worth whatever they cost. Even if it means the end
of modern medicine? You are the worst person
I have ever met, and I work in finance.

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  1. Here in the Philippines, some hospitals hesitate to take you in either if you didn’t have enough money with you or you don’t carry a valid ID.

  2. People need to take better care of their health, go to a good chiropractor, and use good vitamins and herbs. This will help keep you away from the CROOKS!

  3. Being alive cost you
    Being sick cost you
    Being dead cost you
    I'm scared that in future, going to afterlife will cost you.

  4. Adam knows nothing!
    So this is a way more complicated subject than he is portraying.
    But yes profitably is a issue like 99% of most things.
    Now plz tells my why I’m wrong.

  5. My brother suffered the same he just had a small cut in the cheek and all they did was put a little medicine and tape and boom, 150.00

  6. Adam:American healthcare is NOT the best healthcare in the world!

    Me:well I ain't from America so…HAH! And somehow the hospital I go to is funded by the president soo…yep

  7. In Italy we have free health care, but sometimes we have to pay a ticket of €27 for the most important cares

  8. The NHS is definitely the best thing in Britain. We can do the most idiotic things to ourselves, and get it taken care of for free.

  9. I'm waiting on the show of Adam ruins dialysis I've been thinking until it's over two years now and I still believe that is a scam

  10. Well at least your country doesn't reuse medical equipment that are deemed to be imcompatible with sterilization. Like uhm… staple guns! Yeah… welcome to South Africa.

  11. This is the most ill formed, half truth, load of crap you have ever produced and you should feel ashamed
    Adam = 💩

  12. Here in Australia we have Medicare which lets us have life saving surgeries for free as long as we pay around $50 a month for the Medicare card

  13. Does anybody know just what the electricity bill for an average size hospital is in one month? Approximately $125,000. This video leaves out so much it's pathetic.

  14. weird flex but here in canada most healthcare practices are covered under our taxation and free care act. last week sprained my ankle needed an x ray and some morphine and it was free. Love being Canadian.

  15. If I were working in a hospital that had these policies,when someone would come to ask me for stuff,I'd charge them cheaper than I'm meant to and just whisper and say "you're lucky you got me,I'm meant to charge you for much bigger prices than I just did"

  16. thats why they wait and make someone suffer until its a matter of life situation . something simple as hip replacement will be postponed until its a matter of life situation in order to help the poor . all that suffering just to save money . oh wait people do the suffering part daily working at a job barely making ends meet and still retiring poor .

  17. She doesn’t seem sick enough to go to the hospital for a cold. She should go to primary doctor or urgent care. Also, hospitals probably have to jack up prices to make up for people who never pay their bill,

  18. Adam: “politicians have spent decades arguing over who should pay the bill instead of asking why the bill is so high”

    Comments section: “well obviously we need universal healthcare”

    Adam: “am I a joke to you?”

  19. Vid is one big deception. The underlying reason for the Health Care Crisis (super-high HC prices) is government regulation.

  20. So basically goverment and businessmen are robbing people, how can someone become so greedy is this why they hate socialist countries?

  21. At 5:07 Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections, not viral infections such as the common cold.

  22. they will kill with dexamethasone steroid adrenal shutdown for poison ivy/rash or any other small ail ment. statins antibiotics cipro t5riamcinolone . murder. they don't care .money is the reason

  23. Just let health insurance work like real insurance. Get rid of those government-sponsored healthcare monopolies.

  24. I can't even get a job to get insurance. Have to work two jobs just to get 40hours a week and at minimum wage, that's not enough for a single mom like me.

  25. so why are so many hospitals going bankrupt? so many wrong things in this I cant even start. this guy has no idea what he is talking about.

  26. Well, with Obama Care you have to have insurance, or you get fine. That's like throwing out the Constitution, no wait… It is~

  27. I think the partial reason for the expenses might be on par of some people who likes getting treated in the hospital for something that is minor or…………. well nothing as in wasting resources on people who don't need it, Insulin at first was gonna be free that is mostly because the person who made it wasn't thinking a large number of people would need it, hell a lot of people underestimate 2 factors, time and age, the greatest enemies we can't avoid, but even then almost no one can afford sick days, only certain occupations will have enforced sick days, these occupations would include food and medicine BUT EVEN THEN we waste money on funerials for preservatives (which is useless as the person is buried underground) and wasting money on something that doesn't work, now hte one thing that is free for most parts are vaccines because well what is the point running a hospital when someone contracts measles, that would mean there is a ticking clock on hte person til death, even then it cost more money to treat/ease measles patients than getting vaccines, since I am sure no one wants to go to the grocery store seeing a bulldozer dumping the bodies of people who were once your neighbor's or family members and their bodies being thrown into a fire pit

  28. I was comparing Indian healthcare prices with that from US.. An ultrasound costs you 3000 rs (50$) max in top hospital where they give you a video of your ultrasound otherwise it costs as less as 5$.. Same procedure costs upto 300$ in US without insurance..

  29. In Canada nothing is free. TAXES, TAXES and more TAXES. And if your healthy you pay for all the hypochondriacs constantly running to doctors and hospitals when there's not a dam thing wrong with them other than being brainwashed and scared ,,, you guessed it HIGHER AND MORE TAXES. NOTHING IS FREE even in Canada.

  30. Adam:Until the politicians-can realize why we are paying so high, we’re stuck using this-

    Bernie Sanders: I heard the medical bill is overly expensive, where do you need me

  31. Everything this guy does is just what beta guys do to make themselves feel better about themselves for being so weak and pathetic. He always finds some goof calls them a “scientist” and thinks that proves his political agenda

  32. gee how about the fact that all these illegal immigrants use the hospitals and then never pay a dime.. hes a SJW.

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