Adam Richter, MD: Board Certified Vascular Surgery at Skyline Medical of The Surgical Clinic

My name’s Adam Richter and I’m a vascular surgeon. I had a 6th grade science class where I did anatomy and physiology and got to dissect a frog. Most of my classmates really didn’t enjoy it but I just kind of latched on and really enjoyed learning that and kind of said, that’s really what I want to do. And looking back, I don’t think I’m surprised I’m a surgeon because if you look at the anatomy and knowing what things did and their relationships to
each other that really got me hooked on the whole concept. We moved to Texas right before high school. That’s where my folks still live. I went to Vanderbilt for undergrad. I went
back to Texas for medical school. I went to UTMB in Galveston for medical school and went to UT Southwestern Parkland for residency in Dallas. Then came out to Vanderbilt again for vascular surgery fellowship. It was during my fellowship I’d be able to meet some of
the surgeons of The Surgical Clinic. Really heard about the group and sort of the wide area they were covering, covering most of the major hospitals in Nashville and when
they presented me the opportunity to come to Skyline and really be able to implement
my own vascular practice at a hospital that was really looking for one, it really was
a great opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Having started out here and working with Greg Neal with general surgery, he’s been a great partner to work with and somebody who’s really helped me out and really been a pleasure to be with out here. I spend most of my time
with my kids, they keep us pretty busy. I have a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy
and playing with them, taking them to the pool, going to dance recitals and everything else to keep them occupied.

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