Acupuncture in the Community: ACTCM at CIIS

♪ From a very early age
I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. Um, I just wasn’t
quite clear on what kind of doctor. And ACTCM has enabled me to actually
fulfill that purpose in a way that I could
never have dreamed of. It actually combined
what I wanted, which was acupuncture training, diagnostic training,
and herbology. ACTCM has always been
very community-oriented, and it’s one of the reasons
I’ve chosen to study there now twice in my career. We treat hundreds
of vets a year with acupuncture that they
can’t get any place else. So, how are you doing? I’m doing pretty good. I, uh, it’s, you know,
a little anxiety. Yeah, I can feel
in your pulse it’s a little bit whirly. I was enlisted
for six years, three years of active,
and three years of inactive. I had done acupuncture
in the past, but it never dawned
on me that it might help with the stress of PTSD. ♪ This is a clinic set up by Acupuncturists
Without Borders. ACTCM has been very
generous in working with me as a program director at
Acupuncturists Without Borders. They use an ancient
medical tradition as an effective,
low-cost, and safe therapy for pain control
and the prevention of post-traumatic stress. Our clinical work
in these settings has enabled us
to really learn how to work with
challenging, um, clinical situations
and social situations, as well as provide
service to the community. I still bring… an attitude of, um, of awe to acupuncture. I’m amazed at what
it does for me. Like anything you love
and you have passion for, and you know that it’s
why you’re on the planet, I can go to this–
into the zone with my patient… or with the group
that I’m in, and this is like
no other experience. So, I’m lucky I get
to do that every day. Okay, good. Good.

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